The last few months have seen luxury’s distinct faces come up everywhere from the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, where Rolls-Royce presented their latest coachbuild, to the best pieces of Haute Couture and Fine Jewellery in France and Italy, taking the World’s Fashion Capitals by storm. All of these faces share their precise and delicate processes, and ÖVRFLÖD finds the link between them all.

A few months back, I wrote about what luxury meant for me, but this time, I’d like to concentrate on an aspect that entrances and makes every piece unique: the savoir-faire. The artisanal processes and absolute quality involved in it can take months, and are what result in an excellent, long-lasting piece. ÖVRFLÖD is exclusivity, luxury and excellence, which is shown in all the articles created by the team, always innovating the editorial language for those who chose luxury as a lifestyle.

Pursuing our vision, this month we gathered some examples of savoir-faire in different disciplines, starting with Heesen’s new Project Jade, a 50-metre super fast yacht which will take us straight to Dominica. Here, amidst crystaline waters, we will discover Secret Bay, a multi-villa resort ready to soothe the soul. Finally, we showcase two specials, exploring Haute Couture and Cartier’s new jewellery collection.

The countdown towards ÖVRFLÖD’s next anniversary begins now, remember to follow us on social media and keep the conversation going.



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