Just an hour and a half from the Spanish capital, what once was an impregnable bastion rises between two hills, embraced by the Cega and Vadillo rivers. The Village of Pedraza enjoys various centuries of history, as it functioned as a fortress and marketplace. It is here where a singular tavern is found, which houses Samantha Vallejo-Nágera’s newest project: Casa Taberna.

Samantha’s dream is today a reality, for her ambition has taken her to open her very own restaurant alongside her husband, Pedro Aznar. Following the restoration of the former Taberna de Mariano, with a 200-year history, Casa Taberna comes to life as a hotel and restaurant which now offers a unique experience that takes us on a trip through time.

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Creating a rustic yet sophisticated ambiance ideal for escapades from the city hustle, the grand house from the 17th century shines in all its splendor and comfort. The 5 available rooms, ranging from 35 to 60 square metres, house a chimney, bathtub, television, and all kinds of amenities to create the perfect stay. The decoration and furniture by Casa Muñoz create a cozy and spacious atmosphere, maximizing the use of natural light.

While breakfast is served in-rooms, both the tavern and restaurant offer a classic cuisine gastronomical experience with a French touch, using burning coals, fresh produce, and simple recipes in accordance with the warm and traditional environment. You can taste the different appetizers, snacks, and dinners inside or outside, and you will find dishes such as steak, grilled leeks, blood sausage with Carasau bread, and even mini potato tortillas. The tavern also offers a terrace in the main square, perfect for pairing the food with the best Peruvian wine.

Samantha has been inspired by the essence of a true Castilian tavern: traditional recipes, fire within sight, and genuine produce. Do not hesitate to visit and enjoy this lodging, and allow yourself to relish in the warmth, the simplicity and luxury that Casa Taberna has to offer.

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