Seasonal changes set the beat at which life advances. Human cycles work according to the moon phases and the Earth’s position around the sun: calendars, crop harvesting, and school years all function according to these rules. A rather mundane experience, it takes a special kind of creativity to turn the wheel of the year into an outstanding escapade, taking advantage of the seasonal changes to craft an acquaintance with pleasure.

Sitting atop the 8th floor overlooking the Common Gardens in Copenhagen, Geranium’s menu matches the leaves on the exterior, allowing diners to indulge in the delicious platters while they observe the city’s daily life go on below them. Diversity and clarity stand at the core of Geranium, their menu and location exploring the dichotomy between nature and urbanism for a challenging and daring culinary result.

The space itself was born out of Rasmus Kofoed’s and Søren Ledet’s minds, with the whole floor originally lacking any internal structures. This space, void of any pre-established design, invited the creative minds to change it, shaping what would eventually become Geranium. The space, a mix of classic Danish design, modern art, and natural elements, reflects everything the restaurant stands for, the light woods and ample windows akin to natural and free-flowing essence.

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Chef Rasmus Kofoed stands as the most winning chef in the Bocuse d’Or history, having earned bronze, silver, and  gold medals in 2005, 2007 and 2011, respectively. His cuisine is uniquely tied to Danish culture, the flavours and textures serving as tour guides through his childhood memories and his homeland traditions. The whole menu, which constantly changes without ever losing its essence, is meant to challenge and provoke the palette. Geranium aims to involve every single sense in the tasting experience, colourful plates and complex textures coming together with the deep flavours for a truly holistic experience. Some of the current plates include a serving of Beluga Caviar & Pumpkin Seeds, a Tribute to Demeter, the Goddess of Grains in the form of sprouting grains, sourdough bread, cep mushroom buns and ramson butter, Squid & Melted Smoked Lard & Essence of Yeast and Potatoes, and a sweet ending with Milk Chocolate & Rosehip Petals, Chocolate Egg & Pine.

Special experiences are also available upon request at this unparalleled restaurant. The Fireplace Table is the most privileged spot, sitting only four guests, its placement right next to the restaurant’s fireplace and overlooking the park and the city. The Inspiration Kitchen, on the other hand, is a light dining room with an open kitchen and wine cellar, ideal for private events, anniversaries, and private dining, available upon reservation for up to 16 guests.

An ideal spot to explore new culinary proposals, entrance all your senses and discover Danish history and culture through food, the Geranium is a privileged locale awaiting those daring to discover it. An echo of time and exclusivity, the Geranium menu is an unmissable visit while in Copenhagen.

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