The Austrian capital is a popular stop for tourists, as its unique charm, vibrance and flair enchant anyone who visits. Since 1862, the City Park Stadtpark has been a green oasis at the heart of the metropolis, allowing both tourists and locals alike to enjoy a haven of tranquillity and sightseeing away from the usual city hustle. Thus, with the goal of staying true to its Austrian roots, the Steirereck Restaurant seeks to showcase the country’s local produce in the most delicious light.

Hiding in plain sight, the Steirereck Restaurant finds itself among the greenery and sunlight characteristic of Stadtpark, housed by a modern architectural marvel covered with mirrored glass that reflects its surroundings. The characteristic front of the restaurant is reminiscent of a monolith beckoning you to enter. Through its grand windows, the interior design makes use of the natural light to create a clear vision in combination with materials such as blonde wood, concrete and white linen that come together in a crisp and elegant atmosphere to relax and enjoy yourself.

Chef Heinz Reitbauer has placed his personal touch and passion for the seasonal Styrian cuisine to create this dining experience, a true work of art, through precision and reverence for the local ingredients. Char, trout and pike are all sourced from lake Hallstatt, where sustainable fishing of unfarmed fish, along with the quality of the lake’s water, guarantee the purest possible tasting experience. Steirereck Restaurant is famous for their secret roof-top garden as well, where more than 120 herbs from all over the world are carefully grown and harvested to enhance the flavour of each dish.

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Steirereck Restaurant offers a tasting menu as the best approach to Reitbauer’s concept, though the á la carte menus holds some of his specialty dishes, such as the popular Char with Beeswax, Yellow Carrot ‘Pollen’ & Sour Cream and their own take on the classic goulash dish: Catfish ‘Gulash’ with Calamansi, Medlar & Kamut. The delicate use of fresh produce from the region has earned Steirereck two Michelin Stars and the 17th position in World’s 50 Best Restaurants. The Chef’s philosophy of “aiming to go further while keeping the traditional values they are proud of” truly shines in each plate.

Visit Steirereck Restaurant and let yourself be delighted in this dining experience. Allow yourself to connect to the Austrian culture through Chef Reitbauer’s cutting-edge cuisine in this fresh interpretation of Styrian tradition which aims to go beyond.

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