The historic district of Kazimierz, in the heart of Kraków, Poland, finds itself as both a historical and geographical crossroads. Polish culture has remained strong throughout the centuries and being surrounded by seven nations has allowed for vibrant artistic tendencies to rise in the neighbourhood. Among galleries, shops, and bars, inside a residential building from the 19th century, the exclusive boutique restaurant Bottiglieria 1881 is ever ready to greet its guests.

Bottiglieria 1881 embodies founder Robert Gumuliński’s passion for wine and cuisine, which sparked after his trips to Italy. Opened in 2013, the restaurant seeks to offer several hundred wines, each with a unique flavour and aroma to cater to any palate, whether they are looking for a classic and simple taste or a more sophisticated one. The wine is cared for by professional sommeliers, who make sure the storage has the constant perfect temperature and appropriate level of humidity, which allows for guests to enjoy the undistorted fragrance in each glass.

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The philosophy of Bottiglieria 1881 revolves around using products of the highest quality as a sign of respect for their clients, and so, small local suppliers who make use of traditional techniques provide the restaurant with fresh produce. With the intent of providing a true culinary experience, the dishes are prepared in front of the guests, as this performance nourishes the artistic aspect of the experience the restaurant aims to share with diners.

Bottiglieria 1881 wishes for visitors to feel comfortable and right at home, as their passion and knowledge are best experienced when the gap between the artist and the public is narrowed. The eclectic interior makes use of masterfully crafted elements made from wood, stone, forged steel, and crystal, all of them strong and authentic materials that mirror the restaurant’s ideals.

Relish in the mastery of culinary technique and experience the only Michelin Star-awarded restaurant in Poland. Enjoy the artistic creations of Head Chef Przemysław Klima, who combines French and Scandinavian influences with local traditions to create an innovative dance in each plate that is sure to surprise you in every bite.

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