Rome and Milan are two of the most iconic Italian cities, but traveling north, a peculiar city composed of over 100 small isles in the Adriatic Sea awaits our arrival. No roads can be found here, only the famous canales, and the main one, the Grand Canal, is aptly populated by grand palaces, gothic buildings with bizantine mosaics and emblematic red roofs. Venice is a city that seduces all travelers, specially those looking for adventure, cuisine, and history. 

On Saint Mark’s Square, an iconic and richly historic locale, originally named Il Rimedio in 1638, owing to the Malvasía wine served there, which was thought to have curative and invigorating properties. However, in 1775, Gioegio Quadri arrived at Venice from Corfú, along with his wife Naxina, and together they decided to purchase the space, which famously sold “boiling black waters”. And so, the Gran Caffè Quadri was born. In 1830, under the new management of the Vaerini Brothers, the restaurant was added to the top floor and a full remodelling took place. 

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In 2011, the Alajmo Family took ownership of the place, and the Gran Caffè got its original aesthetic back. In 218, the Alajmo brothers began a full on restoration of the space under the direction of french designer Phillip Starck, crafting a transformation that made the original antique magic shine in the Caffè’s romantic atmosphere. Surreal touches by Starck came to life by the hand of Venetian artisans, and the process was documented on film, an ode to Venice and the magic, riches and hidden realities in the form of people, art and ancestral knowledge. 

The menu is aptly well rounded, as one can spend a whole day staring at the magnificent Saint Mark’s Basilica while enjoying a continental breakfast, a cicchetti, pizza or sandwich for lunch or even diner, with the excellent cuisine from the Quadri kitchen delighting the senses with every bite. Commanded by Michele Vianello, and under the direction of Giovanni Alajmo, the personnel offers exceptional service to every guest. The Quadri is also renowned for its mixology innovations, as the greatest bartenders have managed to keep the Italian tradition alive while inventing new trends for the world to follow. Among their offerings, the specially made house Martini is an unmissable ritual all of its own. 

A bridge between past and present, tradition and vanguard, the Gran Caffè Quadri offers a taste of Italian lifestyle, a unique experience, a ritual for the everyday. Gastronomy, service, gorgeous sights and attention to detail come together to create an unforgettable moment in each bite, a quintessential experience one will crave to repeat once and again. The Gran Caffè Quadri will never fail to impress the most discerning travelers, year round. 

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