Our personal spaces say a lot about us and our lifestyles: they are, after all, where we reflect ourselves, and where we are most comfortable. A vibrant space imbued with our personality can make a great difference in our general wellbeing and turn the simple fact of being home into an incomparable luxury experience. What’s better than a life tailored to perfection?

Sandra Hinton, founder of the Sandra Hinton Design Studio, is an interior design connoisseur whose work has led her to travel the world, having worked in many of the most renowned cities in the planet before running her own high-end brand in her birth city, Zurich. Armed with great passion for beauty, fine materials, and excellent craftsmanship, she has made it her life mission to bring beauty into her clients’ homes, and give them spaces they can see themselves in. Her creations harmonize edge and sophistication, resulting in personalized interiors with great aesthetic value. The team uses light contrasts, artwork and natural elements to create spaces that reflect their inhabitants’ personalities while accommodating to their lifestyles. In Hinton’s words, “an interior should be based on the life that is lived in it”.

The studio’s design packages include from the evaluation and conceptualization of the spaces to the new décor’s installation, and they have recently included an e-DÉCOR virtual consulting service. You only have to provide basic information on the space you want to breathe life into, and, after a brief interview with one of the team’s designers, the studio will send you your very own design package with everything you’ll need to transform a simple room into a complete luxury experience.  So, if you have been thinking of redecorating your home or want to add a dash of novelty, the Sandra Hinton Design Studio has the best ideas for your house to reach its maximum potential.

Photo: Richard Powers.

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