The year was 1805, and William Francis Truefitt opened a shop in London with the aspiration of bringing the highest quality to the heads of English gentlemen. Soon enough his wigs were worn by the most distinguished among men, with even the King himself holding his Truefitt wigs in high esteem. Now, over 200 years later, the shop has evolved into the oldest barbershop in the world and holds a special place in the London scene under the name of Truefitt & Hill. 

Carrying on with the founder’s obsession with detail and excellence, Truefitt & Hill now offers treatments and products unique to them. Proudly crafted in England, the products offered at the shop are carefully made from the finest blends of rare, natural and sophisticated essences. They are the result of over two centuries of research and refinement, the in-house professionals, chemists, perfumers, cosmetic scientists, designers and craftsmen working hand in hand to ensure an experience fit for the finest gentleman. 

Recognized as the finest traditional barber and perfumer in London, Truefitt & Hill offers haircuts and hair treatments, facial, manicure, massage and shaving services, which can be enjoyed at their exclusive locations. Their Ultimate Grooming Experience presents the opportunity to enjoy the very best from their array of services and ensures excellent results by taking into account each client’s own routine and day-to-day life.

 Amongst their distinguished clientele one can find the likes of nearly all male royalty since George III, and even cultural icons like Charles Dickens, Lord Byron, Oscar Wild, Alfred Hitchcock, Frank Sinatra and John Wayne. The shop’s history took a turn with the 1935 acquisition of the hairdressing business of Edwin S. Hill & Co, marking the beginning of the new grooming era for London.

The treatments and services at Truefitt & Hill echo eras past, they reflect the refinement of English elegance and British distinction. Dare to take everyday routines and elevate them into the most meaningful rituals and let yourself be pampered by the expert hands at the world’s oldest and finest barbershop. 

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