One of the most common male rituals is shaving, and as such, it is important to enjoy every aspect of it, be it done by one’s own hand or by a master barber, whose magic expresses itself through the razor in a total-relaxation environment. If the second option is desired, a must-do is located in Mila, Italy, on the Viale G. D’annunzio street. The Francesco Cirignotta barbershop’s only priority is integral male care, and this is shown in its private saloon and single shaving chair. Exclusive, personalized attention is the rule, with a close examination of skin, hair, and wellness offering the best solutions for each individual’s needs.

Francesco Cirignotta is a master barber, historian, and fully dedicated to his craft, he is attentive and praises masculine self-care above all else. His vision is clear, and he understands the current grooming trends. He guides his shop with five core values: mind, hands, time, silence, and space: for Cirignotta, hair and beard frame the face of humanity, they are a natural garment that is the male accessory by default. What is more, he firmly believes in its flexibility, with the ability to cut it or colour it not just out of need but to reflect each person’s best self.

Sophistication and exclusivity are evident everywhere, starting at the storefront, where Cirignotta’s name can be read in cursive, and the master barber can be seen working through the windows, creating a unique concept for each client. When entering, a sober and luxurious ambience welcomes us, with black marble floors and elegant wooden furniture surrounding the single chair in the center. An above head light illuminates the way as the ritual commences, be it a shave or haircut, always keeping volumes, facial structure and hair type in mind. With care, a warm towel is placed to clear the skin, shaving cream and a gentle razor crosses the skin before a cool towel covers the face to help the skin recover from the session. Hair grooming techniques are masterfully applied to create a classic cut or a trendy style according to the client’s wants. Francesco Cirignotta always carries out a hair evaluation beforehand, which helps him determine which shampoos to mix in order to achieve the best result for each concrete case and treat any anomalies, be it dandruff or damaged hair.

Francesco Cirignotta bets on sustainability by reducing his shop’s environmental impact. He employs conscious lighting, water control and residue free products which are also cruelty free and vegan. Hygiene is also a main concern, sterilizing his equipment and space after every treatment.

Francesco Cirignotta is synonymous with quality, professionalism and hospitality, elevating the grooming experience to the next level. He listens to the modern man’s needs and is concerned with the body and image, creating a dialogue between the client and the way they wish to portray their identity. Cirignotta takes into account each individual’s needs to create unrepeatable experiences. After visiting it once, you will want to come back each month to relive the best male grooming in Italy.

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