Dandruff is a persistent capillary problem for many men. IN order to treat it, it is necessary to first understand what dandruff actually is. We usually refer as “dandruff” to any residue or “scale” that falls off the scalp. These wastes often gather on our shoulders or on the hind head, easily visible on darker clothes, or found spontaneously on our hair. Often, these scraps are not dandruff per se, but are related to simple scalp dryness. For example, someone who has just visited the beach and did not properly protect their head can suffer from a sunburn on their scalp. This minor injury will eventually peel off, just like the skin on any other body part would and create a similar effect to dandruff. Other times, the scalp is overly oily and detonate a case of seborrheic or atopic dermatitis, which must be tended to by a qualified dermatologist.

Most men develop dryness as a result of not rinsing the shampoo or conditioner residues properly. Other causes include using overtly abrasive products or shampoos ridden with sulphates, which remove the natural oil created by the scalp. Further treating the hair with astringent products stimulates the sebaceous glands, leading to over exhaustion. This cycle is repeated on every wash, forcing the glands to produce more grease than usual.

Preventing dryness is quite simple, firstly, a sulphate- and paraben-free shampoo must be used, in order to allow the scalp to retain the necessary oil quantity, specially for those who wash their hair on a daily basis. In the case of athletes who shower two or more times a day, its better to use shampoo only on the first round, and just lather profusely with water the subsequent occasions. Another option to prevent dandruff is using shampoo once every three days, only a couple of days a week, and keeping our products free of sulphates and paraben. In all cases, one must lather everything thoroughly.

Dandruff is also caused by a type of fungus, which can be eradicated with specialized products such as shampoos with dedicated ingredients that help stop scalp peeling.

Overall, the best steps to take are:

  • Choose a dedicated shampoo free of sulphates and paraben
  • Pay attention to your hair washing routine and leather thoroughly
  • Try to not wash the hair every day, if you can’t do it, choose a soft shampoo.

The premium lines offer specialized shampoo for the male hair, and include dandruff-reducing products with active and phytoactive elements taken naturally from plants.

The recommended use involves utilizing the specialized shampoo for a couple of weeks, and then regularly spacing it with a normal, sulphate free shampoo, to prevent the scalp from becoming accustomed to the presence of the active ingredients.

If you suffer from dandruff, the process to eradicate it step by step is as follows:

  •   Acquire a specialized shampoo by KEUNE or Davines
  • Incorporate this shampoo as part of your routine and lather thoroughly
  •    By the second week, use the specialized product only every other day, alternating with a normal, sulphate-free shampoo according to your hair type. Remember to always lather thoroughly and leave no shampoo traces on your scalp.

    On the third week, use the specialized shampoo only once every three days, and wash with a standard product two days in a row.

The spacing should continue periodically until the dandruff is no more.

Homme Grooming Centre offers specialized treatments to soothe your particular wearies, taking place in a personal private cabin once a week. Each treatment involves active elements activated through heat, allowing them to enter the scalp and helping eradicate dandruff within weeks. 

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