The Milan, New York and PAris Fashion Weeks began amidst uncertainty, since the sanitary measures in each city made it difficult for the massive events to happen as usual on this Spring-Summer 2021 season. However, the industry never stops, and, as it has happened during previous historical events, the show went on. Here we present our selection of 5 collections and trends for the following months. 


Fendi began the Milan Fashion Week with a grand reopening and a mixed male-and-female collection. Inspired by the photographs that Silvia Venturini Fendi took during quarantine, this line reflects tranquility and functionality, accentuated with a  sober color palette in white, bige, red, blue and black. Bermuda shorts and overcoats come together with knitted sweaters and cardigans which echo the functionality principle in fashion design. 

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Unifying their collections and without a face-to-face event, Giorgio Armani used an innovative presentation method, broadcasting the show through national television and their social media channels. The Spring-Summer 2021 collection reflects glamour and elegance, with a  very italian essence and a cold colour pallete. The ninety-nine looks that make up this line have the ample bermuda short at the forefront, along with tailoring techniques of excellence. Comfortable clothes mark this season, never forgetting the elegance inherent to the brand. 

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THe new line, designed by Norbert Stumpfl is different from previous collections in the house. Relaxed and casual cuts come forward without forgoing the classic and formal style in some looks. There’s something for everyone: non-pretentious pijama-like  ensembles, simple basic shirts and cardigans are presented next to formal and gala attires, which have been reworked towards an effortless style, too. This change is logical: the formal clothes are the least used in these past months, and will likely continue to be at the back of the wardrobe for some months. 

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Sixty six looks make up this collection, where, among the femenine, vibrantly printed ensembles, the 13 male outfits stand out. Redefining the Valentino man, the pieces are refined, solid-coloured and simple in their silhouettes. Wide troussers, short shorts, and oversized shirts are Pierpaolo Piccioli’s bet for this season, pieces to be used daily without effort. 

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Tom Ford is an American designer synonymous with luxury and a perfect understanding of his client base. However, this year he sent out a statement with heavy implications: “I honestly wasn’t sure if I could make a collection even if I felt inspired to do so. […] I felt that honestly fashion should simply go into hibernation for a year.” Despite this feeling, or maybe because of it, this collection is made up of basic clothes, vibrant, and with some print details than feel rather comfortable. Silk trousers, joggers, sweaters and button-up shirts to the navel with a net undershirt remind of Tom Ford’s origins in Gucci in 1995.

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