In a small Hill on Birregurra, Victoria, Australia, Brae can be found, an establishment that is much more than a simple restaurant, and takes guests through a gastronomic experience through nature with no comparison. With its organic farm, and private suites for guests, Brae has consolidated as Australia’s Restaurant of the Year 2020 by Good Food Guide, and the Regional Restaurant of the Year 2020 by Australian Gourmet Traveller, and now holds the 101st place amongst the world’s top 120 restaurants.

Born in Melbourne, Australia, Dan Hunter began his culinary career in The Oyster Bar, Langton’s and Verge, with four additional years of experience in Spain and two years working as head chef for Mugaritz along Andoni Luis Aduriz, becoming one of Spain’s top chefs. Hunter left his established career in Europe to return to Australia, and promptly entered the kitchen at the Royal Mail Hotel in Dunkeld, soon after founding his most important project: Brae.

Brae opened its doors to Australia and the world in 2013, showcasing through its essence Dan Hunter’s ambition, values and personality, as well his deep commitment towards agriculture, cuisine, and hostelry, exemplified through their growing of organic crops and regenerative agriculture technique in the Brae Farm, where all produce used in the restaurant, including fruits, citrus, nuts, berries, honey, and cereals, is grown. One of the main objectives at Brae is help local farmers to promote their products and offer Australian cuisine based upon respect towards nature, seasonal growth, and ingredient freshness. The best example of this is their tradition of making olive oil and ground wheat for bread every single day.

In addition to their organic and sustainable cuisine, Brae offers six suites designed by Six Degrees Architects, a full-fledged experience where one can enjoy nature through different activities, from a morning stroll through the Brae Farm grounds to indulging in delicious breakfast food in your personal suite. Beverages are also available from 600 options, including wines and beers from local artisans, hand-picked due to their quality and their agricultural practices, ethical and sustainable production. For those who don’t enjoy alcoholic beverages a wide selection of infusions, herbal tea, homemade sodas, ferments and syrups are available upon request, bringing the best seasonal flowers and herbs to the table.

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