The need for innovation in day-to-day life is primal, treading in a state of the art environment helps untangle the mind and enjoy utter luxury in every corner of the house. From this line of thought Theoreme Editions is born, a conglomerate of artists and designers gathered by Jerôme Bazzocchi and David Giroire, a pair of art enthusiasts and true visionaries.

Theoreme Editions takes decorative and practical pieces from several young designers to provide a new experience in space construction. The first collection puts together an array of sitting options, tables and accessories conceived with the highest regard of excellency and luxury. The artists featured this season include Emmanuelle Simon, Francesco Balzano, Garnier & Linker, Joris Poggioli, Pool and Services Généraux.

The French Maison d’Edition showcases representative pieces of every featured designer, a true manifestation of the savoir-faire and high-quality materials. David Giroire, expert in communication and a true lover of the arts, architecture and luxury, and Jerôme Bazzochi, passionate for design and one of the biggest names in London’s luxury industry, have come to communicate a refreshing aesthetic and a new vision for contemporary design.

Some of the most interesting pieces featured in this collection mix visual and material elements to create a complex narrative that ultimately builds on any space’s discourse.

For example, Joris Poggioli’s Ellsworth Mirror, a freestanding structure made of brass, a lacquer panel and a solid onyx base, makes for a perfect addition to any space with its customizable colour scheme. As a true work of art, it is limited edition and personally signed, a true outstanding product of its Portuguese handmade process. Francesco Balzano presents another outstanding piece in the form of the Constantin Stool, solid cast in high quality resin, creating a pass-through, seamless work of practical poetry. Limited to 12 pieces and personally signed, this stool creates a mesmerizing effect on any living space. Emmanuelle Simon’s Jellyfish Lamp is cast with precision on resistance plaster and fully allows to adjust the light intensity, showcasing master craftsmanship from its artisans in Belgium. A true flagship of the ideals behind Theoreme Editions is the Strap Table by Services Généraux, made from concrete cast and organic heavy-duty straps, the top of the table firming with mere pressure from the ratchet tensioner on its side, pulling the straps with great strength and visual impact. Numbered and signed, it is handmade in Belgium.  

Just as these sample pieces, the whole collection presented by Theoreme Editions flows naturally with the modern space, creating an aesthetic poem, style in motion through interaction, and fitting any luxurious space with high-quality design and artistic vision.

Any piece within the Theoreme Editions collection is a must-have for anyone looking for a contemporary and outstanding space, integrating art and practicality as one in any room. Prices presented upon request, each piece is made specially for the occasion and is sure to satisfy any client, providing a new living experience on every acquisition. 

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