Looking good does not always imply a great effort. Sometimes, just opening the closet doors and randomly choosing some clothes can come a long way, given the right pieces are owned. A very versatile and easy to wear item is a basic shirt, to be worn for casual or informal occasions.

The key to correctly wear this kind of shirt is atemporality. Its mandatory to select a shirt that can be easily paired regardless of time of day, weather, season tendencies, style, colour, material, or design. The basic premise is to opt for a plain, solid colour shirt in neutral tones such as black, white, blue and grey, fitting for any scenario. A good example of usage is combining this shirt with a pair of light or dark jeans, as long as there is no print on the shirt itself, and complement with a denim or bomber jacket, finishing off with the footwear of choice, either sneakers, boots or a more classical shoe.

For those more adventurous in their style, colour can be a focal point in the outfit, and bolder tonalities such as yellow, red, pink or turquoise may be preferred. It is recommended that complimentary clothing and accessories remain in muted and darker tones to avoid colour saturation and achieve visual balance.

Achieving a casual look with just a basic shirt is not hard and is a great option for those aiming to be comfortable and sophisticated without the use of a dress shirt. In order to do so, one must choose from the simplest of colours: white, grey or black. These are the perfect match for almost any blazer and a pair of camel or grey chinos, or denim jeans should one so choose.

It is also possible to wear a shirt for a business-casual outing, combining it with a full suit, but some precautions are to be taken. Taking into account the colour of the suit is paramount to the outfit’s success, ensuring the shirt will not come off as dissonant. Some failsafe options include a black suit with a white or black plain shirt, or grey coat and trousers with a white shirt. For those looking to add a touch of vibrancy, a blue  ensemble with a white shirt and brown or camel shoes is the go-to selection. 

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