Renowned self-taught architect Miguel Angel Aragonés, born in Mexico City on November 16, 1962, boasts an illustrious career spanning over three decades.

His architectural journey commenced in 1984, when, barely twenty years old, he delved into the social housing sector. Seeking to revolutionize the aesthetic standards of low-income housing, Aragonés aimed to transcend the prevalent “aesthetic poverty” in Mexico’s housing landscape. His dedication resulted in over a thousand homes, numerous buildings, and nearly four hundred apartments, significantly impacting Mexico’s architectural fabric.

Entering his second and third decades as an architect, Aragonés etched his name in notable residential projects, including “Casa Castaños,” “Avellanos,” “Ombúes,” “Laureles,” “Eucaliptos 55 – 65 and 77,” “Casa Cubos,” and “Casa Tecas.” His architectural prowess expanded beyond borders with projects such as the “house in Los Angeles,” California, and the remarkable “Edificio Arbolada Reforma” in Mexico City. His recent ventures encompass the awe-inspiring “Encanto Hotel” in Acapulco, “Encanto Sky Residences” in Puebla, and the visionary “Mar Adentro Hotel & Residences” situated in San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur.

One of Aragonés’s compelling works, “Casa Rombos,” epitomizes an architectural symphony ensconced in the heart of Mexico City’s verdant Bosques de las Lomas. Comprising four interconnected structures, the design seamlessly embraces the urban fabric. It harmoniously integrates private living spaces with nature, fostering an intimate communion with trees and water bodies. The concept embodies a sanctuary offering solitude amid the city’s hustle-bustle, encapsulating a dialogue between architectural aesthetics and the allure of privacy.

Casa Rombos | Rombos II

The photographic representations of Aragonés’s architectural marvels merely scratch the surface, eclipsing the tactile experience, material expressions, and the ambiance these spaces exude. The essence of his creations lies in their ability to echo the whispers of light, effortlessly blending natural elements with architectural finesse, speaking volumes about atmosphere and shelter.

Miguel Angel Aragonés, through his visionary creations, amplifies the narrative of architecture as an intimate refuge, inviting occupants to immerse themselves in spaces where every element resonates in symphony with solitude, privacy, and the embrace of nature.

Casa PI

Photos: courtesy.

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