In the world of interior design, few names resonate with as much sophistication and elegance as Tristan Auer. As an architect of interiors and emotions, Auer has established a unique mark in designing spaces that are both sensually beautiful and singularly distinctive. His rich, vibrant aesthetic vision finds its finest expression in the combination of colors, lights, and era mixes.

From the iconic Hôtel de Crillon and the legendary Bains-Douches in Paris to private residences in London, New York, and the exclusive Moustique Island, Auer operates with the finesse of a stage director. His clients are not mere spectators; they are the main actors and accomplices in this ongoing quest for elegance. As an ambassador of a certain French “art de vivre,” Auer combines a very modern vision with excellence in arts and crafts, thereby redefining contemporary luxury.

Tristan Auer grew up in Aix-en-Provence and, after graduating from ESAG-Penninghen, joined the teams of Christian Liaigre and Philippe Starck before establishing his own interior design firm in Paris. This journey has allowed him to develop a unique approach that integrates modernity with a deep respect for artisanal tradition.

A Collaboration of Excellence and Innovation

Recently, Tristan Auer reaffirmed his commitment to excellence and innovation through a collaboration with Philippe Hurel. This partnership emerged from a shared desire to explore new aesthetic territories while preserving the fundamental values of quality and elegance that characterize both their works.

The collaboration debuted with an inaugural exhibition at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, marking Philippe Hurel’s first appearance in the design capital. Auer adopted a curatorial approach, offering a fresh perspective on the brand’s heritage. Rediscovering the timeless pieces designed by Hurel, Auer selected and revealed these icons by exploring bold colors, textures, and arrangements.

At the heart of this exhibition, the designer’s furniture is unveiled from a new angle, affirming the richness of their lines and finishes. This staging, the result of intense collaboration with the artisans of the Hurel manufacture, offers a unique spectacle that transcends a mere alliance between two creative universes. It embodies a dialogue between past and present, where Philippe Hurel’s heritage is reinvented through Tristan Auer’s contemporary perspective. It is a vibrant tribute to the house’s timeless lines and an invitation to rediscover its classics.

Mandarin Oriental Savoy, Zurich: A Renewed Jewel

Following an extensive renovation, the Mandarin Oriental Savoy, Zurich, has reopened its doors. Founded in 1838, this iconic property, the oldest grand hotel in the city, is the latest addition to Mandarin Oriental’s collection of award-winning hotels. Redesigned by the acclaimed interior designer Tristan Auer, this exclusive landmark on Zurich’s Paradeplatz lies close to luxury flagship stores, the historic town, and the charming promenade leading to Lake Zurich.

Combining timeless elegance with modern sophistication and impeccable service, Mandarin Oriental Savoy, Zurich is set to become a celebrated address. With interiors designed by Auer, the hotel offers a perfect blend of luxurious contemporary style and timeless historic charm, reaffirming its status as an iconic landmark in the city.

In conclusion, whether reinterpreting interior spaces or perpetuating architectural legacies, Tristan Auer personifies the essence of contemporary luxury. His ability to transform the classical into something modern and vibrant is a testament to his talent and vision, making each of his projects a masterpiece of elegance and sophistication.

Photos: Amaury Laparra.

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