In the world of haute cuisine, where creativity and tradition intertwine in a delicate balance, María Lo stands out as a prominent figure. Her name has become synonymous with culinary excellence, blending the authenticity of traditional recipes with a unique personal touch. In this exclusive interview, we uncover the origins of her passion, her inspiration, and her vision for the future in the gastronomic universe.

From a young age, María Lo was drawn to the world of cooking, a love that blossomed while watching her father cook with meticulous care and dedication. “My interest in cooking began when I was very little, watching my father prepare everything with great care and affection. I was fascinated by the whole ritual before starting to cook,” María recalls, reminiscing about those moments when the art of cooking became an expression of love and dedication.

The influence of her family was fundamental in her culinary development. “On my mother’s side, my grandmother and aunts cooked very well, and we always gathered at least once a week to eat together,” she reminisces. This family tradition of sharing and celebrating through food left an indelible mark on her understanding of cooking: as an act of love and care.

For María, inspiration comes from the quality of ingredients and the constant search for new combinations of flavors and textures. “I am inspired by good ingredients, seeking new combinations of flavors and textures, getting excited about food,” she enthusiastically states. Tradition also plays a crucial role in her cuisine, not only Spanish but also from other cultures, which she considers inexhaustible sources of stories and knowledge that enrich her culinary repertoire.

Her journey in the culinary world began in her teenage years, experimenting and recreating dishes at home that she had tried in restaurants. This passion intensified when her friends and family began to praise her creations, motivating her to invite more people to enjoy her meals. “I started to enjoy inviting people over, cooking for them, and seeing them enjoy eating,” she says, reflecting the pleasure she finds in sharing her dishes.

María advocates for accessible cuisine for everyone, regardless of financial means. “For me, good eating does not depend on people’s purchasing power,” she explains, promoting a cuisine that also serves as an educational tool, teaching appreciation for ingredients at their best. Her focus on seasonal and origin-based ingredients underscores her commitment to conscious and environmentally respectful cooking.

María’s creative process is spontaneous and fluid, based on intuition and flavor balance. “For me, it is very important that a dish does not become boring in the mouth, and for that, it is necessary that there are several elements that complement each other,” she comments, highlighting her ability to create dynamic and evolving dishes that surprise and delight those who taste them.

Despite her success, María remains humble and aware of the challenges ahead. Exposure on social media can be a double-edged sword, but she has learned to maintain her authenticity and build her career in a coherent and value-driven manner. “The most important thing is to build coherently and consciously with one’s values because, in the end, that is what makes the work unique,” she reflects.

With a newly finished recipe book and plans to open her own culinary space, María Lo continues to excite and connect with people through her cooking. Her story is a testament to the passion, effort, and love that permeates each of her dishes, making her cuisine a true art.

Photos: Shine Iberia & Lucas Amillano.

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