Prepare for a culinary sensation like no other as Elcielo Miami, in collaboration with the renowned Chef Juan Manuel Barrientos Valencia, affectionately known as ‘Juanma,’ unveils its much-anticipated second restaurant at the prestigious SLS South Beach later this summer. This expansion represents a significant moment in the restaurant’s global journey, further enhancing the reputation of SLS South Beach as a dynamic culinary destination offering exclusive chef’s table dining experiences.

Nestled in the heart of Miami, Elcielo Miami is renowned for its culinary excellence, rooted in Colombian inspiration and honoring Chef Juanma’s native heritage. In 2022, it achieved the remarkable feat of being awarded Florida’s first Michelin star, which it proudly retained in 2023. The forthcoming Elcielo Miami at SLS South Beach is set to continue this tradition of excellence, offering guests a captivating blend of flavors, artistic presentations, and a culinary narrative that transports diners to the enchanting beaches of Cartagena, the legendary El Dorado nestled in the Andes, and the mystical corners of the Amazon rainforest.

Chef Juanma expressed his excitement for this unique endeavor, stating, “Elcielo at SLS South Beach marks our first venture into Elcielo a la carte, presenting the best dishes from Elcielo’s 15-year history. Classic dishes like corn and caviar arepa, the tree of life, guava and tamarind ribs, cassava gnocchi with truffle and ripe plantain honey, and more will be offered with innovative twists. Additionally, our mixology features Colombian fruit-infused aguardiente and other Latin American spirits.”

The new Elcielo Miami restaurant will feature an exquisite menu showcasing Chef Barrientos’ visionary creations, offering a variety of sensory experiences with unique flavors and textures. Signature dishes include golden truffle buñuelos with siphoned Hudson Valley foie gras, crunchy crab empanadas with Caribbean spices, guava barbecue pork ribs, fish ceviche with lulo, roasted quail stuffed with guanciale and mushrooms, and the intricately crafted tree of life, all showcasing Elcielo’s innovative approach.

Guests can indulge in the country’s favorite dessert, the merengón, with a unique twist featuring aguardiente. Simon Sorpresi, Area Vice President of SLS South Beach, shared his enthusiasm, “Culinary excellence and discovery are at the core of the SLS South Beach experience. We are excited to welcome Elcielo as our esteemed partner, creating unforgettable moments for our discerning guests.”

With Elcielo’s arrival at SLS South Beach, Miami’s culinary scene is set to be elevated, providing guests with the finest Latin American-inspired cuisine in an enchanting atmosphere that engages all the senses.

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