Louis Vuitton, a brand synonymous with innovation, style, and an unwavering pursuit of the highest quality, has a storied history dating back to 1854. Founder Louis Vuitton, an innovator in his own right, not only transformed the world of travel with his pioneering luggage designs but also instilled a sense of creativity, elegance, and practicality into every creation. This audacious spirit has consistently propelled Louis Vuitton to push boundaries and champion biodiversity.

In August 2023, Louis Vuitton introduced its latest masterpiece, the Malle Vestiaire, in a unique collaboration with rugby legend Dan Carter. As a Louis Vuitton House Ambassador, Carter collaborated closely with the brand’s skilled artisans to create a bespoke trunk designed to house his cherished sports equipment and memorabilia.

The Malle Vestiaire, drawing on Louis Vuitton’s 160 years of trunk-making expertise, is meticulously crafted from the finest wood and adorned with the iconic black-and-silver Monogram Eclipse canvas, reminiscent of the New Zealand rugby team’s colours. The trunk’s metal clasps, closures, and rivets pay homage to Louis Vuitton’s historic trunks, infusing it with timeless elegance.

Distinctive painted logos and numbers adorn the Monogram Eclipse exterior, with “DC10” representing Carter’s player number and “1598” symbolising his international rugby point tally. These personalised details make the trunk a true reflection of Carter’s illustrious career.

Inside the trunk, luxurious microfibre lining meets sportswear-inspired fabric, marrying opulence with functionality. It houses a curated selection of Carter’s most treasured memorabilia, including World Rugby Player of the Year awards, Rugby World Cup medals, 100th-test caps, jerseys worn at Rugby World Cups, and even a pair of “retirement” boots. Copies of Carter’s book, “The Art of Winning,” and the Louis Vuitton rugby ball co-created with the Maison in 2019 are also nestled within.

Five drawers, each lined with microfibre and adorned with white leather handles, securely store these precious items. A larger drawer features woven cotton straps, paying homage to iconic Louis Vuitton trunks, notably the Secrétaire Linge.

Dan Carter, reflecting on this exceptional collaboration, remarked, “For the 2023 Rugby World Cup in France, we wanted to create something truly special. This Malle Vestiaire holds all the memorabilia that encapsulates my remarkable rugby journey while paying homage to Louis Vuitton’s renowned Art of Travel. I can’t imagine a better way to showcase these memories than in this exquisite trunk.”

The new Malle Vestiaire by Louis Vuitton, in partnership with Dan Carter, stands as a testament to the fusion of sport, luxury, and artistry. It celebrates heritage, craftsmanship, and the spirit of innovation that defines both the brand and the legendary rugby player. This exquisite trunk is now available on the Louis Vuitton website, offering fashion and sports aficionados the chance to own a piece of this iconic collaboration.

Louis Vuitton continues to redefine the boundaries of luxury, turning the extraordinary into an everyday experience.

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