Tiffany & Co. continues its legacy of crafting extraordinary jewelry pieces with the much-anticipated third phase of the iconic Bird on a Rock collection, which made its debut earlier this year. Inspired by the unforgettable brooch designed by Jean Schlumberger, first introduced in 1965, the new collection features captivating designs in exquisite white and yellow diamond sets.

Bird on a Rock stands as one of the world’s most celebrated jewelry designs and has been a canvas for Tiffany & Co. designers to reinterpret throughout the House’s storied history. The diamond-studded bird extends its wings in flight, gracefully hovering over rare and precious diamonds. With each new creation, the bird’s position adapts to the unique gem it accompanies, echoing Schlumberger’s own creative process.

In the new pendants and brooches, the elegant feathers elongate, and the bird’s perspective shifts to connect with all who admire it, showcasing the collection’s most magnificent diamonds: intense yellow diamonds weighing over 20 and 28 carats, as well as white diamonds over 10, 20, and 22 carats. Tiffany & Co. artisans expertly cut the 22-carat white diamond, known as “D” color and internally flawless clarity, into the same modified brilliant-cut cushion shape as the legendary Tiffany Diamond. This bears witness to the House’s long-standing tradition as a purveyor of the world’s finest diamonds.

In addition to the new jewelry styles within the Bird on a Rock collection, Tiffany & Co. is introducing two new 39mm Bird on a Rock watches for the first time. Handcrafted in 18k white gold, these Swiss watches feature a bird motif made of platinum, 18k yellow gold, and diamonds. Each watch boasts a dazzling dial and case adorned with diamonds. One of the watches showcases stunning aquamarines, while the other exhibits a gradient of sapphires, emeralds, and blue topaz. Innovative mechanisms allow the gemstones and the bird to gracefully revolve as the wearer moves. Furthermore, each watch is crafted with a self-winding mechanical movement, boasting a 38-hour power reserve and is adorned with an elegant alligator strap. The unveiling of the autumn extension of the Bird on a Rock collection will be celebrated in an exclusive high jewelry event this October.

Tiffany & Co. has once again exemplified its commitment to creating exquisite pieces of artistry. The Bird on a Rock collection’s third chapter continues the legacy of elegance, rarity, and creativity that has defined Tiffany & Co. for generations. This collection is a testament to the House’s dedication to providing its clientele with the world’s most exquisite jewelry. It seamlessly marries timeless designs with cutting-edge craftsmanship, cementing Tiffany & Co.’s place as a beacon of luxury in the jewelry world.

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