Jacob & Co gained prominence as celebrity jewellery during the 1990s and has since expanded its brand globally. Founded by Jacob Arabo, it seamlessly combines traditional craftsmanship with imagination and innovation, as evidenced by extravagant jewellery pieces and modern designs. These include items adorned with high-quality diamonds and precious gemstones in unique combinations of shapes and colours, leaving a lasting impression.

As part of its offering, Jacob & Co presents the Hematite collection: exquisitely handcrafted bracelets adorned with natural hematite stone, rose gold, and stainless steel. Its name derives from the Greek “haimatitis,” meaning “blood-red,” due to its striking crimson hue when scratched. This stone is not only beautiful but also known for its healing and balancing abilities, warding off negative energies, empowering, boosting confidence, purifying the mind, body, and soul, and being regarded as protective and grounding, promoting expansion and willpower.

The Hematite collection is presented in three visually stunning versions: stainless steel with hematite stone, rose gold with hematite, and rose gold embellished with 90 high-quality round brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 1.67 karats. 

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