The wilds open their arms  to welcome you to this new tropical adventure that promises to make each landscape your new home. Rising on the Mexican coast, a few minutes from the ancient kingdom of Tulum, the latest member of Xcaret Group, La Casa de la Playa,, the new boutique hotel in the Mayan Riviera,  designed by architect David Quintana,  is ready to receive guests.

The new luxury hotel was conceived with a cheerful soul, a spirit of service, and a vast cultural heritage. Xcaret Group guarantees sincere respect for the land based on its Sustainability Model, present in its 3 unique Master Suites and 63 suites divided into 3 build ings: Natural, Fiesta, and Wellness. All have been designed to captivate with their fascinating views of the Caribbean. Decorated with works of art and crafts made by Mexican talent, each room’s eco-integrative architecture embraces nature, achieving a unique balance between aesthetics and ethics.

We must not forget the culinary journey that Casa de la Playa presents, created by chefs Martha Ortiz, Virgilio Martínez, the Rivera-Río brothers, and the sommelier Sandra Fernández. La Casa de la Playa offers four different culinary  spaces, each under the direction of one of these renowned chefs. Tuch de Luna, directed by Martha Ortiz, offers an elegant, subtle, and artistic proposal that exalts the flavours of Mexico. Estero, at the hands of Virgilio Martinez, through a fusion of Peruvian and Mexican cuisine, brings guests a gastronomic proposal based on extensive research that covers the Caribbean coasts, the Amazonian jungles  and the Andine mountains. Lastly, Lumbre and Centli kitchens, both run by the Rivera-Río brothers, who explore the gastronomy of their birthplace,  bringing diners characteristic flavours from the Mexican north and south.

But the journey does not stop here, since every unforgettable adventure comes with special benefits which elevate the experience to the next level. An aquatic route in the exclusive caving tour in near-virginal caverns, continuing along the route of the Mayan River through a labyrinth of mangroves, with access to the sea and open sky. If you are looking to connect with the gods, you cannot miss out on the Purification and New Being Ceremonies, emotional rituals that calm the mind, purify the soul and comfort the heart.

Your new home offers unique spaces that will spark inspiration and unforgettable memories. Visit the tribute installation designed by Mao Montiel to one of the most precious treasures of the Mayans: cocoa; take a tour  through El Cuarto de las Maravillas, a Mexican art concept store of Mexican by designer Carla Fernández; and relax in the 40-metre infinity pool overlooking the horizon. and Muluk Spa, an eco-integrative venue where Mayan mysticism and contemporary Mexico come together.

La Casa de la Playa seeks to become a canvas of this journey called life, embrace this new landscape and explore with the confidence and tranquillity that only a home can give you.

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