Embodiment of existence, cosmos is the representation of everything that composes reality and the universe. Such a powerful word should be sparingly used to describe things worthy of the title. It is no surprise, then, that Heesen Yachts, a leader in the construction of nautical wonders, has decided to name one of their latest projects as such.

Project Cosmos, launched on November 19, 2021, is the largest and fastest all-aluminium superyacht in the world. Measuring 80 metres in length, the Cosmos reaches a top speed of 30 knots, soaring the seas with astounding swiftness for a yacht her size. The lightweight, low-drag hull is an iteration of the Fast Displacement Hull Form by van Oossanen, with the inclusion of the newly patented Backbone reinforcement system, which grants an optimal longitudinal strength without compromising weight and performance.

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The exterior, elegant, slick, and sporty, was designed by the masterminds behind the British studio Winch Design. Glass is extensively used to create a timelessness unique to Heesen. Strong and unique, the mere silhouette of the yacht is a sign of her unparalleled speed. The interior, matching in quality and elegance, was planned by Sinot Yacht Design and Architecture, creating a homey ambience inside the vessel. A light neutral palette splashed with blue accents prevails throughout, with the beach club and its iconic backlit onyx bar being the centrepiece of the design. A precious glass-bottomed pool with waterfall, a glass elevator and an open-air cinema are also present in the Cosmos, making her one of the most beautiful and well-equipped superyachts, in addition to the fastest yet.

A true statement of Heesen’s ability to build daring projects, stretch the imagination and succeed in advancing the world of yachting, the Cosmos will be delivered to her owners on April 2022, after undergoing extensive sea trials. The largest and fastest aluminium superyacht in the world, the Cosmos is just another way Heesen pushes the limits of possibility.

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