Founded by John Arnold, Arnold & Son specializes in the creation of fine timepieces of exceptional quality. A mainstay in their catalogue, the A&S8513 calibre within their Double Tourbillon is equipped with two barrels and two crowns, a unique feature in the watchmaking world. This characteristic translates into dual clock faces, each indicating a separate time zone. On this occasion, the Double Tourbillon comes in a new, elegant presentation: the Double Tourbillon Jade.

The A&S8513 calibre features independent complications and presents two separate time zones independent from each other down to the minute. At the 12 o’clock position, Roman numerals indicate the first time zone, while at the six o’clock, Arabic numerals indicate the second one. At the 3 and 9 o’clock positions, the eponymous double-tourbillons are placed, each made from the same material as the case, which in this instance can be red or white gold.

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The beauty of the Jade edition comes from the deep green shine upon its face, entirely made from cut Wyoming jade. This precious stone holds an ancient cultural significance for cultures from all around the world, being a sacred, ritual stone for many Asian and Central American civilizations. Cut in a clover fashion, the complex shape is a statement of Arnold & Son’s mastery of their craft. The dual time zones are also presented in a unique way: the dials on top and bottom of the watch face are cut in shining opal, further elevating the elegance of this outstanding timepiece.

The calibre, which is visible through the back, is contained within a domed sapphire crystal cover, with the double tourbillons held from a central, skeletonized bridge. The finishing touches of the piece are up to par with the interior beauty: delicate Côtes de Genève, circular-graining on the main plate and sunray decoration on the double crowns, everything about the A&S8513 calibre exudes eminence, craftsmanship and excellence.

An excellent timepiece for excellent gentlemen, the Double Tourbillon Jade is an astounding presentation of elegance and finesse with the highest engineering and design contained within. A true statement of Arnold & Son’s watchmaking prowess, this is a beautiful expression of timekeeping and material expertise.

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