Created to protect the dial, the Reverso model quickly turned into one of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s preferred choices for artistic expression. A celebration of craftsmanship and creativity, the blank face of the Reverso often serves as a canvas, prepared to showcase the best of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s artistic genius.

The newest edition, the Reverso Tribute Tiger, presents a magnificent tiger engraving jumping from the enamel, in celebration of the Chinese New Year, and the opening of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s new flagship boutique in Shanghai.

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This tiger masterpiece is exceptional in that the artisan engraver had, for the first time, to work on it after the Grand Feu enamel was already applied, requiring a significant talent to avoid damaging the enamel. 55 working hours were devoted to the engraving, which also employed a technique called modelled engraving, using chisels of different sizes to sculpt the metal step by step, granting the final result a remarkable depth.  The watch face is finished in the same black enamel as the back, a simplicity that brings elegance and refinement to the watch.

Made to order, the Tiger offers the possibility to personalise the enamel colour, to match the personality of the wearer. An expression of technique mastery and true artistic vision, the Reverso Tribute Tiger celebrates Jaeger-LeCoultre’s expansion and history, a building block in the Reverso’s 90-year history.

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