Each LOUIS XIII decanter contains an exquisite blend of over 1200 eaux-de-vie which are catalogued among the best in the Grande Champagne region. The fruit of at least four generations of cellar masters’ work, each decanter houses the king of cognacs. As such, the decanter itself should be up to par with the quality of the precious liquid within.

Each bottle reflects the values contained inside: the design itself is based on an amphora of old, dated back to 1569, when a soldier let it drop near Jarnac, in Cognac. This precious metal bottle was later acquired by Paul-Émile Rémy Martin after being unearthed by a farmer in 1870. Monsieur Rémy was so fascinated by the silhouette that he decided to replicate it to hold his cognac. The design remained unchanged until 1935, when the crystal employed was refined and the bottleneck was first covered in 18-karat gold. The design is a sign of LOUIS XIII’s respect for time and legacy.

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Each decanter is made by hand, with only the finest crystal from the most prestigious French ateliers such as Baccarat and Saint Louis. Hand blown and decorated, eleven artisans work on each decanter, providing it with an extraordinary purity and detail, reflecting the Grand Siècle elegance and style. Each bottle is slightly different from the last one, akin to their hand-made nature, while maintaining the quality expected from LOUIS XIII.

The design itself, taken from the aforementioned antique, features a circular body, decorated with three fleur-de-lis motifs, and a central seal. To the sides, 10 crystal spikes give the decanter texture and finesse, the long neck covered and sealed with 18-karat gold. The cap is made to measure, ensuring each decanter seals perfectly, made in the shape of a precious fleur-de-lis.  Each bottle is marked with a specific serial number, demonstrating its exclusive status.

Some special editions from the House feature slight variations to the original design that make them even more precious. The most recent LOUIS XIII TIME COLLECTION-The city of lights 1900, for example, replaces the central seal with a 18-karat gold medal, the fleur-de-lis cap with a crystal sculpture that reflects the shape of the original amphora, adds three spikes to each side, to better reminisce the original design, and covers the fleur-de-lis motifs with gold. The Black Pearl Edition, taken from a single tierçon with exceptional quality, is encased in a pearlescent crystal specially developed by Baccarat for this decanter, which turns translucent when placed against light.

The amazing crystal work provided to the House extends to the exclusive LOUIS XIII glasses, adeptly named “Facets of LOUIS XIII”. Designed by Christophe Pille, each glass is made to highlight all of LOUIS XIII’s best qualities. The grooves carved into each glass base serve to bring light into the liquid, turning the cognac into a living gem. The shape, taken from a stylized drop of water, helps the various aromas of the liquor to come through one at a time, marvelling the nose. The crystal density and shape were also engineered to create a unique sound when two glasses collide: a G-sharp note reverbs every time a celebration of LOUIS XIII calibre happens.

 The Master of Time is a unique beverage that deserves to be enjoyed every step of the tasting journey. This has been ensured by the Rémy Martin family with their decanter and glass design, an iconic silhouette that matches the values it holds inside.

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