By now, it’s obvious we are celebrating our second anniversary. In this spirit, we searched for some of the best celebratory wines in existence and chose three of them that have embodied important celebrations. Three very distinct wines that come from three of the countries with the longest winemaking tradition: France, Italy, and Spain.

Our first recommendation comes from one of the most emblematic brands from Champagne, with world-wide renown. The Dom Pérignon Rosé-Lady Gaga Edition emerges as a meeting point between the Dom tradition with the boldness of the multifaceted artist and singer.

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This edition presents a 2006 Dom Pérignon Rosé elaborated during one of the most challenging seasons to date. A hot summer with a fast-cooling period and abundant September rains, this harvest was small and complex. The resulting wine, however, is exceptional, with a salmon-pink colouration and mature aroma. The scent is reminiscent of tropical fruits and spices, while it is unctuous in mouth. A long permanence and liquorice and citrus notes.

The bottle in which this Champagne is presented is bold and daring, with a bright pink embodying the clash between tradition and innovation.

Then, in Tuscany, we find Tenuta Sette Ponti, an iconic Italian producer, who offers the Crognolo Limited Edition 20th Anniversary. Elaborated with a coupage the three best of their most recent harvests, the 2013, 2015 and 2016 ones.

Visually, deep ruby and bright flashes overpower the eyes. The aroma is explosive, akin to black berries, earthy notes, and spices. As for the taste, fruits and high complexity take over the tongue. A balanced acidity, and smooth tannins make up for an elegant experience with chocolate, cherry, and wooden flavours. Mild bodied and long lasting, this wine is to become a true jewel with time.

 Our last suggestion comes from Spain. Located on the Duero Rivershore, Pinea is the dream-come-true of two friends, originally from the region.

The 17 is a special wine for this house, as it commemorates their launching year. This harvest was, once again, challenging, as the region was overtaken by a mid-summer frost, which left few useful grapes behind, but those that remained turned into exceptional wines.

Deep cherry in colour and highly viscous, the scents of berries attack the nose. Aged in cask, this wine has a unique style among the regional wines. Vanilla, caramel, and cocoa also come to mind when relishing in its aroma. A smooth and elegant wine, it lasts long and persists over time.

The ambitious Pinea project is sure to deliver some impressive harvests and concoctions in the near future, as it has already done in its short history.

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