Conquering the future is a constant desire: from the earliest science fiction works to the latest blockbuster movies, exploring the possibilities of the times to come is a powerful drive for the imagination. Boundless ideas flood the mind whenever we imagine the times to come. These ideas then fuel the creation of innovative products and experiences. It is with this same mindset that Feadship have always conducted their labour: the Feadship Future Concepts break the boundaries between present and future to create amazing pieces of engineering and design that fulfil and surpass clients’ expectations.

The first Future Concept was presented in 2006, since then, their imaginations have fuelled the creation of the most astounding creations. The hybrid propulsion system, for instance, was ideated in 2007 for the F-stream model, which led to the creation of fuel reduction systems starting with the Breathe model in 2010. This year, the new model prepared to break all preconceptions in yacht making is called Pure.  

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Jan Schaffers, designer for Feadship, explains: “at Feadship we are used to designing totally bespoke yachts for clients with every aspect driven by their individual desires. Pure synthesises all the know-how gained in recent times over the types of spaces and exteriors which owners ask for in the purest way possible, following the red thread of these wishes.”

Each design solution proposed in the Pure model is completely feasible despite being based on a collective fantasy. Studio De Voogt and the Knowledge & innovation department at Feadship ensured that each detail is completely possible to accomplish with the current and future suppliers and materials.

Three decks and an open-on board architecture are the standout achievements in this state-of-the-art design. Cantered around the main deck bar on port and the main staircase on starboard, the crew routing is discreet, and the finishes of surfaces differentiates between inside and outside with masterfully applied textures. This same inside and outside game is furthered by the application of glass surfaces everywhere. A giant elliptical glass atrium connects the three decks and separates the inside from the outside world, while keeping natural light plentiful and the space open. The flush windows are thought to allow for full panoramic views from the inside, while keeping the privacy of the interior and hiding the inside from onlookers.

The space is utilized to perfection with the sun deck and its jacuzzi and firepits, amidships bar zone and dining area aft, and a direct link to the owner’s deck. The master stateroom is forward, with a private jacuzzi. The rest of the main deck is open with dining and lounging facilities with the best views in the ship, the lower deck befitted with an outstanding sun deck, and a glass-bottomed jacuzzi. This space optimization is possible thanks to the absence of a traditional wheelhouse, the yacht being controlled from a Command Centre on the lower deck, which will show views from the outside via VR screens and a multitude of state-of-the-art measuring devices.

While the Pure is a concept for now, Feadship estimates the first version of the vessel can be ready in 2024. Going forward, in 2027 a super-efficient battery and methanol propulsion system will likely be ready, and by 2030, all-methanol fuel cells will be available to greatly reduce the overall environmental impact of the yearly usage.

Still a product of imagination, the Pure Concept Model promises a new breakthrough in ship design. Feadship, accustomed to complying with client exigencies, also furthers the limits of design, architecture, and engineering with each ship they deliver. With these bewildering designs possible in the near future, the world of yachting will change forever thanks to Feadhip’s daring nature.

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