Valhalla, a hall where gods and heroes would spend the afterlife in eternal celebration of the battles they partook in during their lifetime, all according to Norse mythology. This commemoration of glory and power was drawn into a concept car by Aston Martin in 2019, and now, in 2021, comes to realization in a car that heralds a new definition for Aston Martin. 

Taking after its predecessor, the Valkyrie, Valhalla is a supercar that implements Aston Martin’s innovations for daily use. The chassis, aerodynamic design and inner electronics are all taken directly from Formula One designs, adapted for a luxurious experience while conquering the streets. As any sports car, the downforce and handling are next level, warranting the ultimate driving experience. As an Aston Martin innovation, the Valhalla also features a seamless transition from battery-electric torque to its scintillating V8 engine. 

The V8 motor, which is the highest performing and most responsive to ever be fitted to an Aston Martin, revs up to 7200rpm and sends drive to the rear axle. The lightweight exhaust system brings forth the characteristic Aston Martin sound. Supporting this V8, a hybrid system of twin E-Motors is mounted at the front and rear axles. The many driving modes of the Valhalla allow for a versatile experience according to the driving demands. EV mode sends battery power to the front axle, while other modes distribute the power in the rear and front axles to accommodate the current demands, whilst a maximum performance mode may direct 100% battery power to the front axle to supplement the V8 power on the rear. 

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Built around a carbon fibre tub, the weight is kept on the minimal side while the stiffness and resistance is optimized. The shape and the aid of track mode, which reduces ride height, maximize downforce for a safe and responsive drive at high speeds, while low speed driving is controlled and responsive. A dry weight of 1550 kilogramme reaches a top speed of 350 km/h, or 130km/h during use of electrical power only. 

The weight and stiffness of the carbon fibre and overall structure offers a precise control and translates into an intuitive direction change, with  high performing Carbon Ceramic Matrix brakes with exceptional stopping power and bespoke Michelin tyres. This responsiveness is an Aston Martin mark, with a special focus on designing around the driver experience. 

The first series production mid-engined supercar for ASton Martin, the Valhalla will be available on both right-hand and left-hand drive, with increased cockpit space. A central touchscreen display, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, adjustable pedals, and an adjustable steering column allow the seats to be static on the chassis. These implementations will take any user and driver to a full on Formula One experience with a luxurious touch to it. 

Valhalla is an opportunity for the Aston Martin design team to express extreme performance with fresh form and proportion and capture the brand’s bold future-forward approach. The Valhalla is a new generation Aston Martin, it defines a new driver and driving experience–the Mastery of Driving, a true ultra-luxury, exclusive, British supercar.

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