Louis XIII is known for being the master of time: its decanters are filled with a mixture of eaux de vie that have aged from 40 to 100 years in barrels. Its unique composition makes it a jewel of liquors, and as such, it cannot be sold and displayed just anywhere.

In 2016, the doors of the first exclusive Louis XIII boutique opened in Beijing, China, to be followed later by London and Xi’an. In November 2020, the location of the House’s newest luxury boutique was revealed: Hangzhou, China, on the third floor of the Hangzhou Tower Shopping Mall, in the heart of the emerging city.

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Designed by RDAI, a French architecture firm with multiple international recognitions under its belt, the boutique is located in one of the fastest growing cities on Chinese territory, being home to multiple technology and innovation companies. This characteristic connects it directly with Louis XIII: the atmosphere of the city echoes the hidden values contained in each decanter as a link between past, present and future, linking heritage and vision to create new possibilities in time.

“We are proud to present Louis XIII here, at Hangzhou Tower, to be part of the triumph stories and celebratory moments of the city and Zhejiang region,” stated Cheryl Chong, Brand Director for Louis XIII at Greater China.

Louis XIII boutiques offer not only the opportunity to purchase a bottle of the cognac from Grande Champagne, but also present special editions of the Maison’s decanters, make personalized deliveries of bottles, specific adjustments for each client, and offer pairings that elevate the Louis XIII experience.

As an added experience to the boutique, the Hangzhou headquarters includes the Eternity Room, which can only be accessed by invitation. The venue, decorated in the deep Louis XIII red, offers a discreet escape to showcase special editions and exclusive pairing rituals.

This new location is prepared to welcome old and new friends who enjoy the House’s history, offering personalized services and exclusive Louis XIII experiences that cannot be lived anywhere else.

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