Sitting in the middle of a 123-acre lot of land, the Royal Estate Merlinge Castle is a beautiful construction originally built in 1625 as the centrepiece of a farm complex. The total surface of the state comes up to roughly 500 000 square metres and features the iconic historical castle, which has been owned by noble families since its establishment, as well as various annexes and outbuildings.

Surrounded by French gardens and a large terrace, the main building houses 8 rooms and 8 full bathrooms, a precious library, magnificent dining room, an opulent game room, and a modern gym within its 1500 square metre living space. The antique construction is now outfitted with modern finishes and elements that remind of an eclectic nature, a sophisticated atmosphere for a leisure escapade prevails in the estate with its marble floors, floor-to-ceiling paintings and exquisite decoration. The historical vineyards and agricultural land still function as such, and the whole plot is dotted with annexes such as an Orangery, a listed Chapel, pavilions and garden sheds, a greenhouse, stables, as well as two habitable buildings that amount to 800 square meters. The ample terrace gives way to the 24-meter pool, an ideal space to relax in the summer heat protected by the privacy of the beautiful, quiet gardens.

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The estate is located at the heart of the villages of Gy and Jussy, not far from Lake Geneva. This privileged spot locates the Chateau within reach of some of the region’s best amenities and is an ideal place to hide away from the big city hustle, or live in a permanent state of bliss. Schools, towns and roads assure the estate is properly connected to the outside world while maintaining its aura of serenity.

Available to be purchased, the former property of the Queen of Italy is managed by Sotheby’s International Realty.

Photos: Sotheby’s International Realty.

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