Evolution encompasses an unparalleled innovation: PI, an intelligent prefabricated house, becomes a habitable object challenging the paradigm of traditional housing. Here, technical prowess, technology, science, and art converge, serving the needs of individuals.

Much like the evolution from horse-drawn carts to petrol-powered automobiles and eventually solar energy, and from traditional carpentry to mass production, the housing landscape faces new challenges: higher quality, lower cost, and superior outcomes. Professor Miguel Ángel Aragonés (Mexico City, 1962) acknowledges this and presents an unparalleled prefabricated home.

Aluminium, being resilient, lightweight, durable, and recyclable, provides versatility unmatched by other materials. Aragonés’ patented aluminium technology, PI, supports expansive glass spaces, maximises energy efficiency, and promises prefabricated homes with significant benefits.

PI adapts vertically (as a column), horizontally (as a beam or chain), or in hybrid forms, with additional pieces forming the final configuration. This modular system optimises resources, minimising waste, offering ultralightness and adjustability. Furthermore, employing innovative overlapping panel walls, PI reduces maintenance by eliminating the need for painting or anticorrosive treatments. The integrated thermal-acoustic system ensures efficient energy consumption, guaranteeing optimal comfort, irrespective of centralised climate control systems.

PI, Aragonés’ groundbreaking proposition, signifies a radical shift in the construction industry, promoting high-quality prefabricated houses at lower costs and with a reduced environmental footprint. In a world where innovation is paramount, PI illustrates that the home of the future is not only feasible but also sustainable and accessible.

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