Luxury and history are often closely related; there is a degree of refinement that can only be attained in spaces that have withstood their time, where decades of golden stories have been imbued in the very structure of the buildings. Built in 1925, the luxurious Esplanade Zagreb was originally a resting place for the Orient Express travellers that rode the Paris-Istanbul line. Restyled in 2004 by the famed interior designer Maria Vafiadis, it is nowadays an architectural art deco jewel in the heart of the Croatian capital.

The neoclassical façade reminds of a palace, and it’s not wrong: its 208 rooms are decorated in a decadent style that will take you back to the golden years of Hollywood. The Deluxe rooms have goose feather duvets, fashionable living rooms and panoramic views of the city, as well as an exclusive bath menu and gorgeous flower arrangements. However, if what you’re looking for is treatment worthy of royalty, the Esplanade suite might be just the right fit for you. There you will have your own living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, marble bathroom with heated floors, sauna and jacuzzi, as well as access to the suite’s private library and a majestic office in which to tend to your matters. Upon your arrival, a vintage champagne bottle will be awaiting on the table, along with a fresh fruit bowl, a sweeping flower arrangement, and a luxury sweets box.

Such an opulent lodging cannot be accompanied by any less than the region’s best cuisine, which is why the Esplanade’s flagship restaurant, Zinfandel’s, in charge of Chef Ana Grgić-Tomić, is always at the ready to delight you. The plates here are a modern interpretation of Croatian cuisine, and the restaurant is known for making the best Štrukli in Zagreb: a rolled puff pastry filled with cheese and topped with egg, cream and cheese sauce that is simply divine.  What is more, you can have your dinner taken to the Oleander Terrace, one of the main meeting points of Croatian high society, from which you will also be amazed by the city views.  On the other hand, if what you look for is a relaxed ambience and comforting food, Le Bistro has a cosy Parisian atmosphere and serves delicious seasonal plates that mix Croatian cuisine with the traditions of the City of Lights.

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During your stay at the Esplanade, you cannot miss the beautiful city in its immediacy: Zagreb is a small, charming city in the northeast of Croatia.  With more than 900 years of History and a strong Austro-Hungarian cultural influence, it is teeming with museums, beautiful architecture, and a city centre that might as well have been taken out of a fairy tale. Just a couple minutes from the hotel you will find Zagreb’s neogothic Cathedral, the Art Pavilion, National Opera, Archaeology Museum, and some medieval attractions such as the Lotrscak tower, the Saint Marcus Church, and the Parliament. These are only the most popular attractions; for visitors that may desire to submerge themselves in the rich Croatian culture, its traditions, and get to know the best places to visit, the Esplanade publishes semi-annually the Esplanade View, a luxury magazine that will allow you to know the most exclusive destinations both in Zagreb and the rest of the country.

The Esplanade Zagreb is the ideal place to relax and spend a couple days away from the hustle of big cities, though it is not its only function: the hotel has often been a meeting point for European diplomats, and its elegant rooms have held witness to world-relevant treaties. Therefore, the Esplanade is also equipped with 12 stylish conference rooms, a business centre, and the impressive Emerald Ballroom in which to organize private parties and throw sumptuous banquets.

Backed by a resplendent history, in the heart of a beautiful city, Esplanade Zagreb is an oasis to luxury, a temple of elegance, and a place where tradition, refinement and the best of high society come together to create a unique experience. Dare to venture inside this mythical hotel and allow yourself to bask in its commodities in the pure style of Esplanade Zagreb.

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