Shoreditch is considered the birthplace of English theatre and the incubator for London fashion and street art, and as such, its progressive values could not be better embodied than by what once was the grandest of the Vestry Halls of its time. The Shoreditch Town Hall commemorates the borough’s reputation for pioneering bold ideas with its rich history and involvement in cultural and civic life, and only such a vital and unique space in the London cultural map could house the Michelin Star-awarded restaurant The Clove Club.

Inaugurated in 2013, owners Isaac McHale, Daniel Willis, and Johnny Smith seek to deliver the most amazing dining experience by encouraging all of their staff to treat the restaurant as if it were their home, to take care of their guests like friends and treat each other like family. And so, with this vision as their main focus, The Clove Club was recently named the best restaurant in Britain in the annual World’s 50 Best Restaurants awards.

The blue-tiled dining room aims to create a relaxed atmosphere inspired by East London vibes through the use of its laid-back service and open kitchen which allows the chefs to perform center stage. The Clove Club offers an experimental twist of modern British cooking through their five-course menu and extended menu, both of which feature interesting and often overlooked local ingredients and produce served in a thoughtful, precise, and elegant manner. Scottish chef Isaac McHale trained at The Ledbury, Noma, and Eleven Madison Park, and his genius is immediately noticeable in his creations which prioritize the ingredients’ natural flavors in a playful dance in each plate.

 The Clove Club’s Tasting Menu is served every day for lunch and dinner throughout the whole restaurant, while the shorter Tasting Menu is served for both lunch and dinner Monday through Thursday in the restaurant’s front room and bar countertop. A Lunch Menu is also available Tuesday to Friday between 12 pm and 2pm which includes tea or coffee, and if meat, poultry, nor seafood are your cup of tea, a vegetarian Tasting Menu is an excellent option as well. All of their courses have the option of wine or alcohol-free pairings, and even a combination of both to complement each dish, all of which are expertly judged, and with the guests’ best interests in mind, the set menus are prepaid online for a seamless experience.

The Clove Club is a must when visiting London, where you are guaranteed to feel right at home thanks to the friendly and welcoming attitude of the staff, and incredibly delighted at their signature raw Orkney scallop with Périgord truffle, hazelnut and mandarin and ‘parten bree’ Scottish spider crab hot pot, both which continue to be a sight to behold. Don’t hesitate to visit on multiple occasions, as the experience will be a surprise thanks to the use of fresh seasonal ingredients.

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