Inside the Glasgow Templeton Building one can find an incomparable workshop: the studio of anOrdain, the Scottish watchmaking startup whose beautiful creations cannot be missing in your collection. Made by a multidisciplinary team of 10 people, anOrdain’s watches are well known for their design: their silver bodies streamlined and elegant, held on to their wearers’ wrists by top-quality leather straps. And, while both the box and the straps make a harmonious duo, the definitive star in these watches is their sparkling smoked enamel faces: beautifully coloured and adorned with manually-tempered hands, each of them is a statement work of art.

The “Model 1”, their first and most iconic model, has a wide smoked face in vibrant colours from which one can choose a classical Parisian blue, grey or cream, or, if one is adventurous, emerald green, red, or pink. This model’s numerals are inspired by cartographical maps of Loch AnOrdain, and the slim silver box, only 11mm thick, can be engraved with either a map or a short phrase in its rear.  The “Model 2”, which is as of now out of production, has a robust design and thicker, curved box, 36mm thick. Its hands are specially made in Switzerland and have a graceful shape that complements this watch’s heavier design. The Model 2 also comes in unique colours such as orange, purple, dark green and turquoise. Just as the Model 1, a phrase or a map can be engraved in its back, and one can choose a custom-made strap to go with it.  Each of anOrdain’s watches is handmade on request, so usually one must wait a couple of weeks before getting to wear your own custom Scottish timepiece.

To create the watches’ impressive faces, the team at anOrdain uses the Grand Feu Enamel technique, which consists of fusing finely ground glass powder to a copper plate at 800°C. Under their firm belief that “design and manufacture must coexist under the same roof”, all their watches are made in the same workshop in which their designs were born.  Faithful believers in constant innovation, its creators are constantly on the search for new techniques and designs to add to their collections. They are currently working on a new watch, the “Model 3”, which will flaunt a beautiful face in champlevé and floating-effect numerals. Whatever may your style be, anOrdain’s watches are sure to become your next signature accessory.

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