The homes of royalty are always astounding, the utmost luxury perching on to each wall. It takes special effort and attention to detail to fulfill the wishes of the elite. What does it mean, then, when a place has housed every single English monarch since King George I and has never failed to impress them? 

Such a question is answered in the form of Cliveden, a beautifully built house with over 350 years of history. The pursuit of pleasure, power and politics has always been at the centre of Cliveden’s goals, and as such it has always attracted the cream of the crop. Grand personalities such as Winston Churchill, Charlie Chaplin, President Roosevelt, John Profumo and Meghan Markle have made Cliveden House their home for different periods of time, indicating the exquisite experience of staying at this exclusive locale. 

With 48 unique bedrooms, Cliveden has something to offer for every type of personality. The Club Rooms, located in both the West and East wings, are styled individually and are aimed towards shorter stays. The Classic Rooms are double rooms on the first floor, while the Deluxe Rooms are spacious, and feature a king-size bed and a fireplace. Select rooms among these overlook the garden, the courtyard and feature a hot tub in their private terraces. For more discerning visitors, the Inchiquin suite, which is newly refurbished room with views to the gardens and the Fountain of Love; the Prince of Wales Suite, generously proportioned and named after the first performance of Rule Britannia, which took place at Cliveden, and the Lady Astor Suite, with its large private terrace, are all options that stand out. The true jewel at Cliveden, however, is the Spring Cottage, a private picturesque three-bedroom cottage located right at the Thames’ banks. Frequently visited by Queen Victoria herself, the cottage is a stunning locale with access to the river banks and the Cliveden Flotilla in the nearby boathouse. 

The stay, of course, is not limited to just the rooms: Cliveden offers The Dining Room and the Astor Grill, as well as the exclusive Cliveden Spa Garden as experiences their guests can indulge into. The first restaurant,The Dining Room, is commanded by Chef Paul O’Neill, who offers a selection of a la carte three-course menu and a seven-course tasting menu based on local ingredients and English tradition. The Astor Grill, on the other hand, is an informal approach to dining at Cliveden, overseen by Chef Paul O’Neill as well. The menu at the Astor Grill is inspired by American and British fusion dishes, and brings forth the best of both culinary traditions. 

The Cliveden Spa Garden is covered in lavender and roses, the outstanding outdoors swimming pool sitting at the centre. The Spa offers a full array of treatments, all using Cliveden’s own hose brand, inspired by the house’s historic guests. The Spa also includes a technogym service, weights, stretch area, heated pool, infrared sauna, aromatherapy room, Jacuzzi, hot tubs and tennis courts. 

Teeming with history and a rich English tradition, Cliveden House is a dreamscape ideal for a totally private and relaxing escapade. The setting, which reminds of the woods of old, offers a luxurious ambience while allowing one to connect to the past and the eons. Ideal in any season, Cliveden is ready to welcome guests into the traditional English elegance that has enamoured entire generations. 

Photos: cortesía.

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