Pleasure is a guiding principle of the human experience. It is in our nature to seek enjoyable feelings, relishing in the utmost comfort whenever possible. Many modern cities seem directly opposed to this idea, with their daily hustle and noisy stress lurking around every corner. Paris, as one of the world’s busiest and most lively cities, could be considered as a prime example of a rushed routine, however, it hides some of the most interesting and relaxing spaces in the world, the most private of which has to be the Hotel Particulier Montmartre.

Hôteles particuliers are generally understood to be grand, akin to a mansion of old. The Hotel Particulier Montmartre, however, can be described as Paris’ smallest hotel. Focused on the most delightful things, this is an established reference in Paris, a small countryside right at the heart of the city.

The building was previously home to the Hermes family, who used their notoriety to construct a truly outstanding mansion with the capital’s largest garden. Directed by monsieur Oscar Comtet, vitality and lushness ooze from every experience at the Particulier. Made for epicureans, those truly looking for the ultimate pleasure and enjoyments, the hotel offers exclusivity and privacy unparalleled in all of Paris. Only five rooms are available in the precinct, each with its own unique features.

The 35 square meters Junior Suites offer two different takes on luxury. The first one, the Vitrine Suite, shows a seventies aesthetic with their camel drapes and rug, and their old boy striped curtains. Inspired by the antique, the room also serves as a display area for strange and curious objects, as well as a masterpiece by artist Philippe Mayaux, who also designed the general look of the suite. The Végétale Suite is decorated in green and pink, restoring energy and peace with their calming tones and views to the garden. The bathroom even has large windows and Venitian mirrors that further enhance the natural feeling of the Suite, all designed by Martine Aballéa and Morgane Rousseau.

The two Superior Junior Suites cover 45 square meters and are also divided thematically. The Arbre A Oreilles aims to be a pocket outside time itself with a central bathroom and baroque decoration including silk fabrics and humongous fairytale mirrors. Golden leaves adorn the Japanese tapestry in this unique and stylish room. The Poèmes & Chapeaux Suite is the most contemporary of the hotel, in shades of white, grey and black with a central bathroom and a fifties vibe. Mathieu Paillard and Oliver Saillard designed the room after Mondrian’s paintings, showcasing the secret volumes of Paris.

Finally, the most exclusive suite is the 85 square meter Deluxe Eiffel Suite, accessed via a private staircase. This spacious loft overlooks the Eiffel Tower. Portraits by Natacha Lesueur hang from the walls in this little nest, a piece of heaven in the beating heart of Paris. All suites include a Super king size bed, Wi-Fi, en-suite bathrooms, air conditioning, complimentary bathrobes and technologic amenities, with the Eiffel suite including a bathtub and in-room fridge.

The experiences at the Particulier also include the finest dining in the city. The Grand Salon is the restaurant where chef Gabriele Faiella creates an enchanting setting and prime dishes from breakfast to dinner, including teatime, lunch, and brunch. Hidden in the gardens, the Três Particulier offers sophisticated cocktails, ambience provided by live piano music every Wednesday.

Take a break from the hustle of city life and let yourself relish in the most refined hedonism of the Parisian lifestyle. Walk through the historic halls and lush gardens of the Hotel Particulier Montmartre and let yourself be absorbed by true pleasure.

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