Interior design is the art and process of creating spaces to inhabit, to exist within and to relate to not just visually but also through textures, sensations, and actions. It is indeed a complicated art form, quintessential by default as it needs to consider shape, finish, colour, decoration, the space, and the function, as well as the personality of the individuals that will walk between the decorated walls.

Now, with all this said, it is worth noting the French take on interior design. Unique, the historic heritage of the country is demonstrated by the design trends preferred by French designers, and among these designers, a select few have distinctive takes on the special relationship between person and space.


Fabric and cloth create the world for this designer. Cadene builds marvellous pieces in two dimensions that seem to be alive with colour and contours that remind of Naïve Art; he is a master in creating vivid pictures through the clever use of weaves and fabric. Apart from these pictures, Victor Cadene also creates pieces in bold solid tones in the form of tapestries, mats, rugs, and folding screens, most of which also feature some snippets of his colourful scenes.

When working on integral projects, Cadene uses his unique pieces as a base, and builds the space around this feature, using the same bold, solid colours present in the fabric. He achieves a masterful balance in each project, using a single shade as a binding agent to confection cosy, inviting spaces that direct the view to the fabric constructions.


Powerful in tandem, Yann Le Coadic and Alessandro Scotto come together to create LeCoadic-Scotto, a design firm specialized in creating dreamscape-like spaces. Combining creativity and technical know-how, each partner knows to work towards a common goal, without compromising the interests and needs of either of them. Completely versatile, their distinctive style is not defined by a bounding box but rather by their capacity to communicate each project’s identity with ease through composition, technique, materials and emotion.

Often using unconventional pieces as focal points, each space designed by LeCoadic-Scotto according to the sponsor’s needs, but also with its own essence, elegance, discretion, and style. Their designs often create a cohesive space through all the rooms, a nicely flowing environment which is also pleasant to traverse.


Educated in product design and interior design, Parente worked as furniture designer for Ms Andrée Putman, with whom he took on main projects such as Emeco, and the refurbishment of the Morgans Hotel in New York. Nowadays he commands his own design studio, where he creates beautifully flowing spaces by placing the user at the very centre of the design. Emotions and quality are the main objectives in his creations, always bringing forth textures, artistic feel, and everyday life to each place.

His team considers all aspects, from commercial objectives to emotional response and the environment, creating custom spaces with made-to-measure furniture and unrepeatable patterns, everything with a distinctive Parente style.


Specialized in building spaces around an item, Bonnivard is not limited by conventions, but rather uses statement pieces as a central point. The whole design is created to highlight the best qualities in the precious pieces to be preserved, while also complementing them to create visual games that inevitably guide the view towards the desired piece.

Such was the case of the apartment at the South of France, where he decorated an apartment around a remarkable tapestry by Jean Lurcat, or the antique ballroom at the Hotel Le Marois, redecorated to feature a precious green Quatre Potier handrail from the 1940s. Bold, unapologetic and dedicated, any piece and space are sure to shine with the masterful intervention of Bonnivard.

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