A constant through human history is art: creativity thrives and evolves in crisis, and adorns times of peace. Design, art and decoration make the world a more beautiful place and help us live and understand the whole range of human emotion and existence. While artistic expression is certainly a need, it has also been a luxury from the very beginning: materials, finishes and of course the artistic genius behind each piece are markers of elegance, found everywhere throughout history, from palaces to private collections.

Of course, Europe has been a potent stage for these art showings, not only giving birth to some of the world’s most influential artists but also housing the most impressive pieces from the world over. Paris, widely known as the City of Lights due to its history as a hub for the arts and intellectual growth, is now home to some of the most exclusive art galleries to be found. Here we present three of the most influential galleries in the French capital.


Established in 1991 by Magda Danysz, this Parisian gallery has steadily expanded, setting up locales at Shanghai and London. Contemporary art of all types finds a home at Danysz, which advocates for an inclusive vision ranging from urban art to new media exhibits. Emerging and young artists find a place to display their art while the gallery opts for funding innovative exhibitions on both the local and international stage.

The latest opening of the Shanghai gallery has made Dansyz’ new mission all too clear: to better the cultural and artistic exchange between the East and the West. A space full of every type of contemporary art, there is a piece for every kind of taste, with beautiful, significant works on display on every wall.


Founded in 1983, the Thaddaeus Ropac gallery prepares over 40 annual exhibitions to present in its five locations, two of which can be found in Paris: the Marais and the Pantin location are home to the works of some of the most influential and renowned artists. Expert curators take care of each exhibition, and the gallery is present at all major international art fairs, as well as managing their own publishing house.

The Paris locations are specialized in grand-scale art and room-sized installations. The very essence of Thaddaeus Ropac is innovation and surprise, each locale carrying an elegant demeanor with it. Match the grandeur of your personality with one of the monumental artworks in display at Thaddaeus Ropac’s Paris locations.


The Marais district in Paris is a haven for art and exhibitions. The streets of Marais are also home to the more than 1’600 square metres that comprise the Perrotin galleries in France. Other spaces have been opened since its establishment in 1990, totalling 2’759 square metres scattered throughout Paris.

With over twenty-five artists In its roster, Perrotin has grown ever since its opening and is now present in Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo, Shanghai and New York. Like many contemporary galleries, Perrotin is open to all kinds of art, giving artists an opportunity to be seen in an international setting, with the difference that Perrotin, like the previous spaces discussed here, is available to the most exclusive artists only.

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