Commonly associated with the most luxurious hotel or the tallest buildings in the world, Dubai offers a great diversity in its cosmopolitan essence in addition to these icons. An ample gastronomic offer is available all throughout the city, commanded by some of the world’s best chefs, some of them boasting Michelin stars or figuring in San Pellegrino’s World’s 50 Best Restaurants. Committed to maximum luxury, ÖVRFLÖD lists the six most relevant restaurants in the city. 


The authentic Italian essence from Módena comes to Dubai under chef Massimo Bottura’s vision, the mastermind behind Osteria Francescana, considered the top restaurant in the world in 2016 and 2018 by San Pellegrino. Now, his first restaurant outside of Italy stands as a new concept under the name Torno Subito, a popular phrase in Italy, hung on almost every business, indicating their resting hours, meaning “We will be back”. 

Inspired by Federico Fellini’s movies such as La Dolce Vita and  8 ½, Torno Subito is a trip through Bottura’s childhood memories, especially vacations in Rimini, in the Italian Riviera of the 1960’s. This trip can be perceived through the place’s interior design which heavily features vibrant tones in green, turquoise, pink and yellow, and also creates a modern experience by inviting guests to observe the pictures hun from the ceiling, sharing experiences with Torno Subito as a whole.

Different from what is offered at Módena, Bottura has trained Chef Bernardo Paladini, who takes the wheel at Torno Subito after seven years at Osteria Francescana and Franceschetta 58. Chef Paladini has clear ideas about italian cuisine by Massimo Bottura, and makes them unique to the Dubai ambience. 

One of Paladini’s proposals at Torno Subito starts with an unconventional, 14-ingredient Caesar Salad which incorporates elements harvested in Módena, Dubai, and New York, accompanied with the favourite of Focaccia and Rabiola di Roccaverano and black truffle. Immediately comes a variety of gourmet pizza, the most unique one being a folded version, filled with mozzarella and scamorza cheese; or veal tartare with mediterranean ingredients. 

An Italian gastronomic icon, and Massimo’s favourite, is the Tagliatelle al Ragù with egg pasta and hand-sliced wagyu. Another prime dish is the Beautiful, Psychedelic Spin-Painted Veal, Not Flame-Grilled, which is a veal serving slow-cooked over fire. Diners can also palette the sweet side of Italy with with mascarpone tiramisu and classic coffee gelato and Italian meringue. 


Located inside the City Walk plaza, Lima Peru, directed by Virgilio Martínez, focuses on Peruvian delicacies. The chef, who also mans Central, number six on San Pellegrino’s World’s 50 Best Restaurants, first founded LIMA London, with a Michelin Star, and now aims to conquer the Middle East with LIMA Dubai, where authentic South American flavours teem in each dish. 

A contemporary experience, fun and relaxed while keeping a refined essence in the urban environment is what can be found at LIMA Dubai, which, despite being an extension of the London location, has its own identity. This is achieved thanks to Miguel Vargas, chief of cooks, placing the restaurant as one of the favourites for the Dubai public. 

The culinary offer varies, and goes from fresh ceviche, tiraditos with Peruvian leche de  tigre (a type of fish broth), and spicy salmon to be accompanied with a wide variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The best way to enjoy the fresh exotic dishes is in the terrace, where a relaxing ambience prevails and routine can be forgotten. 


With three Michelin stars, and a wide array of establishments in every corner of the world (including Paris, Tokio, Shanghai, Las Vegas and Seoul), Pierre Gagnuare now conquers the Middle East’s most iconic city. Pierre’s Bistro and Bar operates under his vision, bringing the ideas of one of French cuisine’s most prominent chefs to a whole new context. 

Inside the InterContinental Dubai Festival City, Pierre’s Bistro & Bar is a sophisticated, elegant and relaxed locale where green, pink and red hues invade all spaces, from the main saloon to the terrace. Beverages and dishes can be enjoyed in a calm space and are served with an impeccable service. 

Varied dishes compose the menu, which can be catered to your personal likes or any particular allergie, making the Bistro one of Dubai’s most inclusive sites. Some of the most prominent dishes include fried calamari with black garlic, and mushrooms imported from Paris, roasted lamb pieces, and fried frog legs, among other dishes prepared with the best culinary techniques that characterize Pierre Gagnaure’s cuisine. 


Genuine Portuguese flavors come to Dubai in charge of chef José Avillez with his first restaurant outside of Europe, established on the sixth floor of the Mandarin Oriental Jumeirah, one of the city’s top hotels. Avillez brings to the ARabian Gulf a traditional cuisine with a contemporary touch and an eclectic decoration where luxury comes first. 

A spectacular panoramic view of the city’s skyline and the Gulf’s beaches, the restaurant has a terrace and an infinite pool that fuses with the sea. One can witness where the magic happens and the minute work in the kitchen. For Avillez, “Portuguese gastronomy is one of the best in the world, as is the fish and seafood from our coast, I want La Tasca to provide some of our produce and flavours to our guests. La Tasca offers a gastronomic experience that includes strong specialties.”

The menu was conceived to be shared, a magic journey to Portugal and a varied and rich culinary experience, presenting modern reinterpretations of the different classic portuguese dishes. Some of the most popular creations by Avilles are grilled carabinieri, Gomes de Sá cod, chilli chicken, surf and surf with lobster. The cuisine at La Tasca takes diners to the Iberian Peninsula without leaving the Middle East. 


Innovative, inventive and intriguing are the words that can describe one of the French high cuisine restaurants that guard a multi-sensorial experience in an exceptional dinner. Directed by Yannick Alléno, a French chef ranked 24 in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants in the world, and with 3 Michelin stars in Alléno Paris au Pavillon Ledoyen, the STAY is a unique locale in Dubai. 

The chef brings the essence of the City of Lights to the City of the Impossible, and Alléno conquers this new space with STAY’s gastronomic proposal. Located in the One & Only The Palm, one of the city’s most exclusive luxury resorts, where a spectacular atmosphere reigns under the high ceilings, hanging chandeliers and long tablecloths waiting to receive diners. For a more intimate outing, the restaurant features a more private terrace which overlooks a large piscine and the palm garden, full of shimmering lights. 

One of the best options to have a taste of the full-flavour experience created by Alléno is the STAY Discovery menu, where familiar french plates are given new life with modern techniques. The philosophy at STAY: cultivate the best ingredients each season. No visit is complete without exploring the pastry variety designed by Alléno, which is displayed on a full wall, the sweets tempting you through the whole dining experience. 


With three Michelin stars in his Rome restaurant, Heinz Beck is widely known in Italy and Europe as a master chef, expert in modern gastronomy, whose interpretation of food is unique. His culinary talent fuses with a detailed process, select ingredients, and innovative techniques to turn them from simple dishes to fine dining works of art. After his success at La Pergola in ROme, Heinz Beck founded Social in Dubai, which consolidated his status as an international culinary talent by bringing prime italian dining to the Middle East with attractive and fresh elements.

The unpretentious menu includes a duck foie gras variety in three presentations: cubes, mousse and crumbles, followed by a veal tartare and sweet quail eggs. The main courses consist of mushroom tortellini with spinach foam and black truffle, black cod with beets, orange and spicy wasabi. 

Social by Heinz Beck offers a relaxed space with an elegant essence and magnificent views of Dubai, which makes it the perfect place for diner and special occasions. 

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