Wake up to the sound of small waves lightly crashing on the beach just metres away from your bed. Enjoy a whole day full of peace and joy in your own private piece of heaven, a tropical land amidst the expansive sea for you to relax and tread as you please.

The all-inclusive experience offered in Kudadoo Maldives by Hurawalhi promises to keep everything under the moon within arm’s reach to all guests, an impressive quality and comfort for even the most discerning and exigent traveller. Escape the everyday hustle and venture into this private island paradise while you indulge in the most delightful culinary creations, unlimited leisure activities and wellness, assisted by a personal butler who will help you craft the perfect itinerary.

Yuji Yamasaki, world-renowned architect, designed the sustainable luxury facilities, offering a new industry standard, with it being the only island in all of The Maldives to be fully solar-powered. Proof of this is Kudadoo’s multiple awards and accolades, which include the World’s Best New Luxury Hotel for 2018 by Luxury Travel Intelligence, Robb Report’s Best Island Resort 2019 and the 2019 Hospitality Design Award in the Sustainable Resort category.

Kudadoo features 15 over-water residences specially designed to be ecologically conscious, which further enhance the natural experience of guests. Open floor plans allow for airflow and light to naturally make the space more than habitable, and each residence enjoys a 44 square metre infinity pool, as well as immediate access to The Maldives shallow, calm waters. The spacious outdoor deck also allows for private dining and relaxation and works as a natural extension of the indoors living space.

Guided by the mantra “Anything, anytime, anywhere”, Kudadoo offers a whole array of different activities for the guests to enjoy. Begin your day with some fun and engaging exploration. Dive with PADI Discover Scuba Sessions and swim to the heart of The Maldives’ ocean environment, gaze in awe at the fields of anemones and the world-famous sea turtle resting and feeding spots. Upon emerging from the depths, take on the next activity especially planed for you by your personal butler, be it a jet ski ride, a dolphin expedition, a paddleboard trip, or a kiteboard lesson. Unlimited water sports and adventures await you, be in perfect sync with nature while you traverse the calm waters of The Maldives and lay on idyllic lagoons at your leisure. Diverse excursions may be undertaken at any time, including luxury sailing, sandbank picnics, dolphin expedition, and much more, all to satisfy your adventure exigencies.

When it’s time to sit down and recharge, the fine dining experiences are varied. Chose to dine in-residence, taking advantage of the living space surrounded by the sea, or enjoy he menu curated by the Executive Chef in location. Another option for an intimate and special occasion is Dream Island, ideal location for a gourmet picnic. Other locales are available to you at any time when you stay at Kudadoo, ensuring the perfect culinary scape. An especially notable experience takes place in the 5.8 Undersea Restaurant, the world’s largest underwater dining locale. While additional fees apply, the unmatched experience at the 5.8 Undersea Restaurant is a memory to never be forgotten.

Delicacies do not end with dining opportunities, as Kudadoo guests have access to both Kudadoo’s wine cellar, boasting 80 fine-wine brands, and the special Owner’s Cellar, with 70 wine labels, both of which feature some of the world’s most exclusive and prestigious wines. Prime champagnes such as Louis Roederer and Veuve Clicquot are also available on demand, and an in-location sommelier is always at your service to help you pick the perfect pairing. To complete the experience, the cheese and charcuterie selection is at your disposal, offering 50 cheese, Parma ham, salami and chorizo variety, ready to create a fresh plate whenever you desire.

End your day with a little self-care and relaxation, taking your spot within the Sulha Spa, the true sensory sanctuary amidst the ocean. An all-around immersive experience offers unparalleled rest and connection to the self, a world-class spa aiming to rejuvenate your body and your soul. Treatments from every corner of the planet come together with the hands of the finest therapists to offer the best relaxation you could ever wish for. The jewel of the crown must be the Lonu Immersion chamber, fully coated in Himalayan pink salt, offering an in-depth cleanse to your sinuses, lungs and skin, ideal to delve into right before taking the Himalayan salt stone therapy.

As the day comes to a perfect end, enjoy a personalized meal under the stars in your residence’s open deck, and prepare to head to bed knowing you are resting in a true piece of heaven on earth, a paradise made especially to comply to you every wish. Kudadoo by Hurawalhi promises to fulfil every guest’s dreams, and is, without a doubt, and extraordinary destination. 

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