Costa Careyes stands as a paradise site without comparison in the whole world. A short set of rules is issued to anyone who wishes to reside there, the most notable of these rules being: “one must appreciate the music of the sky, the earth and the sea, relish in the silence of a space” and even more so “love Careyes, even if one is not entirely sure why”. These petitions are effortlessly accomplished the minute one sets foot upon any place in the 20 000-acre space.

Born from the imagination of artist Gian Franco Brignone, who visited this heaven on Earth when no proper roads were built, and jungle and rivers reached as far as the eye could see. Even today it stands as one of the most virginal spots in the world, the Pacific Ocean bathing the beaches at Costa Careyes. Several developments can be found in this massive oasis of peace, including the new Careyes Club and varied bungalows. The crown jewel are, however, the individual villas standing tall above the cliffs, overlooking the sea, lulled by marine breeze and refreshing wind, right between the ocean and the desert.

Designed by excellent architects such as Marco Aldaco, Alberto Mazzoni, Luis Barragán, Diego Villaseñor, and Jean Claude Galibert, each villa is created to allow a constant air flux, reducing the use of air conditioning, and the exterior illumination is limited at night, helping preserve the beauty of celestial bodies. Interiors and exteriors coexist in a dynamic game to create a gentle and habitable space. Additionally, one of the main concerns at Careyes is sustainability and giving back to the community, animals, plants, and environment around it. As such, all developments are built to be fully ecological.

Loyal to this core belief of giving back, The Careyes Foundation has promoted education, sport, ecology and arts in the site’s vicinity, as well as helping preserve over 1540 species of flora and fauna and liberating over 1.5 million sea turtles since 1983. Each visit to Careyes is a way of investing in the planet’s conservation and helping this convergence between nature and pleasure to flourish.

Each of the seven private villas is built with the utmost care and creates a unique experience for their guests. They are all within private areas with full surveillance and security 24/7.

The Ocean Castle: Sol de Oriente is a villa located in the peak of a sea cliff, equipped with 6 individual suites with panoramic views to the ocean, and an infinity pool encircling the whole complex. Overseeing the Península de las Estrellas, the Star Peninsula, this villa observes Playa Careyitos, and has a complete service, including private butler, personal chef and housekeeping personnel, all living in their own quarters. Apart from the main building, there are two bungalows and a tower, which can be accessed by a private cable car, and the whole complex is just a short drive away from Playa Rosa Club.

Ocean Castle Sol de Occidente is also composed of six individual suites, each with an ocean view and totally equipped, and its own 360° infinity pool, located right in between Playa Careyitos and Playa Teopa. A tower and two bungalows are also in the property, as well as a private beach and a heliport, and a private cable car to the tower. This Castle also features a home theatre and a press hall. The house is fully staffed by a private butler, personal chef and housekeeping staff with their own quarters on site.

The Dragon Constellation is a four-suite complex with sea views and fully equipped. They all share a private infinity pool and roof terraces ideal for sunbathing and star gazing. One of the suites can only be accessed through a hidden set of stairs and includes an intimate “nest”, ideal for two people. The whole complex is located within walking distance of Playa Rosa Club, which can also be reached by a cable car. IT also has direct access to the beach and includes a private butler, chef and housekeeping in their own rooms on site.

Nido de Amor, or Love Nest, is a three-suite villa with panoramic view of the sea, fully equipped, and with living spaces sheltered in palapas. A sundeck, a private grotto and open terraces are the main features in his villa, along the infinity pool which appears to pour slowly into the sea bellow. Surrounded by tropical gardens, it also has direct access to the ocean and comes with private butler, chef and housekeeping services.

Casita Carioca is easily one of the most intimate spaces in Careyes, a four-suite complex with sea views and a private infinity pool. Walking access to the beach is possible, but the ocean experience is available in the whole house: every room has a clear view of the sea and the sound of the waves reaches every corner of every room. Living and dining rooms can be found inside and outside the building, allowing for a personal experience of communion with the environment. A gourmet kitchen and a laundry room are also available and can be operated by housekeeping and kitchen staff in an 8 to 5 schedule for a complete stay.

Casita Azul offers ample views of the whole Careyes Bay from any of its 5 totally equipped suites, perhaps the cosiest of the villas. A surround system is installed in the living room, which helps create a relaxed, immersive ambience, and a “flying” terrace allows to fully appreciate the splendorous bay. Stay includes kitchen and housekeeping services, who also decorate the villa each night with candles, offering a relaxing setting to watch the beautiful Careyes sunset.

Designed by Jean Claude Gilbert, Casa Selva is inspired by one of the five senses, hearing. Surrounded by peaceful patches of forest, the tropical birds take guests to a jungle world through their songs alone. Each of the six suites is fully equipped and Casa Selva enjoys a privileged spot above Careyes Bay and Playa Rosa. An infinity pool and a solarium are among the amenities in this villa, and access to the Playa Rosa Club is possible, all complemented by a butler, chef and housekeeping service.

Careyes is the authentic heart of the Mexican Pacific coast, one of the most serene and extraordinary locales in the world. Some important festivals and events take place in Careyes as well, including the Careyes Art Festival, the Ondalinda Music Festival and the Copa Agua Alta polo tournament, the ideal complement to the peaceful environment. The bay gathers residents and visitors from over 42 different countries, an ideal place to find oneself through communion with the community, nature, and the spirituality inherent to a privileged place such as Careyes. 

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