In November, Bacalar will welcome Boca de Agua, an innovative hospitality enclave adjacent to the Laguna de los Siete Colores. Conceived by prestigious designer Frida Escobedo, this sanctuary aspires to drive environmental and social regeneration, offering a unique and relaxing experience to its distinguished visitors.

The treehouse residences, elegantly designed rooms, and focus on regenerative tourism define this proposition. The furniture, designed with a local identity and contributions from renowned brands, complements the atmosphere. It offers guests a range of activities and stands out for its restaurant that blends exquisite Yucatecan cuisine with refined international palates.

With 26 rooms, including 22 suites, the facilities and services encompass a diverse array, from common areas to natural therapies, all in harmony with environmental preservation. Boca de Agua, nestled along Bacalar’s captivating shores, embodies a haven where environmental preservation harmonises seamlessly with indulgent tranquility. Within its embrace, guests find not just a retreat but a sanctuary that fosters a deeper connection with nature while embracing sustainable luxury. Here, the pristine Laguna de los Siete Colores and untouched jungles converge, inviting visitors to savour a unique blend of conservation and refined comfort, a testament to the art of responsible hospitality set against a backdrop of natural wonders.

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