The City of Light is enriched by the addition of the luxury hotel La Fantaisie, a gem created by the family-owned hotel group Leitmotiv. This lush enclave, located in the heart of the city, awakens the senses of its guests, creating a harmonious ambiance where nature and pleasure intertwine in a sublime manner.

La Fantaisie’s primary aim is to provide its visitors with a warm and welcoming environment, capturing the essence of the lively outdoor market street and the modern Faubourg Montmartre neighborhood. At the same time, this hotel is a tranquil and green oasis, where nature flourishes in all its glory.

Historically, Rue Cadet takes its name from the famous 16th-century gardeners Jacques and Jean Cadet, who supplied the royal court with fruits and vegetables. La Fantaisie pays tribute to their  legacy with a grand landscaped garden that offers a unique experience. On the rooftop a bar surrounded by trees provides panoramic views of Paris, becoming a must-visit destination.

The interior design of La Fantaisie, overseen by the renowned Martin Brudnizki Design Studio, transports guests to a world of natural exuberance. The soft color palette and natural elements, such as cane backrests and glass lamps resembling petals and foliage, create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. Each of the 73 rooms and suites, as well as the spa and bathing facilities, offers a complete escape from the city’s hustle and bustle.

In the restaurant and café the influence of Distric 9 and its bohemian atmosphere blend with the neighborhood’s energy, creating a welcoming environment for all visitors. The Golden Poppy restaurant, led by the acclaimed chef Dominique Crenn, offers dishes inspired by Californian cuisine, based on local and sustainable products.

The rooftop bar is a lively and fun place surrounded by greenery, offering guests privileged views of Paris’ zinc rooftops. It’s a perfect spot to enjoy delicious cocktails and immerse oneself in the joy of living.

For those seeking relaxation and well-being La Fantaisie’s spa offers a holistic experience with baths inspired by ancient healing rituals. Here nature comes to life with armchairs upholstered in green fabric and mosaics representing growing plants. The spa has chosen Holidermie as its exclusive care brand, promoting a vegan and natural approach to beauty and well-being.

At La Fantaisie nature and rejuvenation are at the heart of the experience. Guests come to purify and regenerate, to find peace and tranquility, far from daily noise.What could be more natural than relaxing in this lush garden? La Fantaisie opens its doors to offer a unique experience in the heart of Paris.

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