Mexico City, an excellent cultural and artistic jewel, welcomes a new treasure to the cosmopolitan scene: Volga, the latest artistic and culinary destination presented by Hamak Hotels. Located in the heart of the city, in the vibrant Cuauhtémoc neighborhood, Volga is much more than a boutique hotel; it is an epicenter of luxury, culture, and creativity.

This contemporary and minimalist space rises as a beacon of memorable experiences, designed to cater to trendsetters, culture enthusiasts, gastronomy lovers, and adventurers seeking new thrills. With its privileged location, just one block from Paseo de la Reforma and two blocks from the iconic Angel of Independence, Volga becomes an ideal meeting point for both travelers and locals, adding a touch of excitement to their Mexico City experience.

Volga: More Than Just a Hotel

Volga is a multisensory state of luxury, with 49 rooms designed to immerse guests in a boundless world where art transcends, and sounds captivate. The Volga experience is enjoyed through a world-class curation of pre-programmed activities and unique events that will entertain and inspire both an international and local audience.

Its impressive atrium, illuminated by natural light and surrounded by an iconic iron screen system, allows visitors to choose between a discreet experience or interaction with other guests. Furthermore, Volga takes pride in its alliance with House of Kirschner, led by the renowned event producer Mauricio Kirschner, who is responsible for designing guest entertainment experiences.

World-Class Mediterranean Cuisine

The gastronomic experience at Volga is the creation of the distinguished restaurateur Edo Kobayashi, who has established the restaurant Elora, specializing in Mediterranean cuisine. From this culinary corner, diners can delight in exquisite options and an atmosphere that heightens the senses.

On the rooftop, guests can relax by the swimming lane while enjoying a varied selection of snacks and experiencing ethnobotanical mixology with a 360-degree panoramic view of Mexico City through the “windows to the city” by the architectural firm JSa.

Impressive Art and Architecture

Volga pays tribute to architecture and art with a contemporary and minimalist approach. Javier Sánchez and Aisha Ballesteros (JSa), the architects behind this masterpiece, have created a space where guests can decide how participative or isolated they want to be. In the heart of the hotel, visitors have the opportunity to interact with the striking works of the world-renowned artist Perla Krauze, which take a central place.

An Unforgettable Experience

Volga, with its theatrical and central architectural design, invites guests to immerse themselves in a broad experience that unfolds over the course of their stay. The minimalist, elegant, and natural atmosphere by JSa ensures a comfortable and balanced stay, while the aromatic collaboration with Aromaria offers exclusive Volga amenities.

This new destination features 49 rooms (33 deluxe, 14 suites, and 2 Master suites), two restaurants, a boutique, an experimental/pop-up space, a mezcal bar, and a swimming lane and solarium. Soon, an Omakase restaurant will open to complete the culinary experience.

Volga, a place that cannot be overlooked, becomes an epicenter of luxury and culture in Mexico City, where art, architecture, gastronomy, and mixology converge to create a multisensory state that captivates the senses and the soul.

Come and discover Volga, the new epicenter of Mexico City.

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