A vessel primed for exciting getaways, the dynamic and enduring essence of the 55-metre Heesen Steel series has been maintained through the meticulous craftsmanship of Omega Architects, a distinguished exterior design studio. Frank Laupman, the accomplished yacht designer at Omega Architects, has also given this collection a unique and demanding exterior character.

Within the interior, a plethora of meticulous details unfolds, each presenting a novel and distinctive proposition.

The Main Deck Salon presents an expansive and exquisitely designed lounge and dining area, concealing cutting-edge technology while offering sweeping vistas of the boundless sea. The interior is distinguished by the presence of rare, elegant woods and the subtle influence of the art deco aesthetic, elegantly enhanced by the inclusion of sumptuous Italian furnishings.

The Owner’s Suite emerges as a sanctuary of supreme comfort, graced with spacious dressing rooms, an expansive bathroom that spans the width of the vessel, and a discreet, private balcony. The ambiance is one of unadulterated luxury, with premium fabrics and materials bestowing an air of opulence.

The Skylounge seamlessly integrates the realms of indoor and outdoor living, with its freestanding furnishings accentuating the harmonious union. The design of the bar mirrors the colors and textures of the encompassing sea and sky, adding an extra layer of refinement to the space.

Lower deck guest accommodations offer a snug and adaptable retreat, their ambiance enhanced by the presence of top-tier nightstands and fixtures. Bathrooms showcase Gessi fittings and exquisite marbles, contributing to the overall sense of sophistication.

Common areas, including lobbies and day toilets, are meticulously curated, with a precise selection of materials and an understated touch of elegance gracing every corner.

Lastly, the Beach Club beckons with its offerings of relaxation, including a sauna, a rejuvenating shower, a comfortable lounge area, and a well-appointed bar. This space gracefully bridges the gap between the sanctuary of indoor opulence and the refreshing expanse of the outdoor environment.

The 55-metre Heesen Venus, masterfully crafted by Omega Architects under the visionary guidance of Frank Laupman, stands as a testament to the pinnacle of luxury and design in the world of yachts. Providing an unparalleled experience for those fortunate enough to step aboard. From the Main Deck Salon’s panoramic views to the Owner’s Suite’s sanctuary of luxury, and the seamless integration of indoor and outdoor living in the Skylounge, every aspect of this vessel exudes sophistication and refinement. 

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