There is no greater pleasure for a master watchmaker than creating a wondrous work: a mechanical feat, a moving marvel in the shape of a watch. Part of the mystical “One&Two collection, in which Speake-Marin has been redefining its view of design, the One&Two Openworked Tourbillon comes into being as a challenge to the very rules of watchmaking. Every single piece can be found in an unexpected place, starting with the 60-seconds flying tourbillon, which is located at 1:30.

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This fully skeletonized timepiece is itself a work of art in movement. The face reminisces of the brand’s logo in a perfectly balanced, yet dynamic, composition. The picture completes itself with two wonderful heart-shaped watch hands, made from sterling silver, and is encased in a state-of-the-art titanium case. With a unique design, clad in limpid lines and beautiful finishes, the One&Two Openworked Tourbillon has a strong air of individuality, the same that is emphasised by its rarity. Only 10 pieces of this horological chimaera will be made across the planet, and it is sure to soon become one of the most sought-after artefacts among watch collectors. 

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