Just as time, style is cyclic: it spins and spins on its own axis, and, sometimes, authentic beauty proves itself via reinvention; by being reborn. Founded in 2010, Laurent Ferrier is a young watchmaking house whose creations are pure delights for the senses. With a nostalgic air and minimalist, pure lines, this brand’s trajectory has reached new heights in its latest release.

The Laurent Ferrier Square micro-rotor retro incarnates Art Deco’s rebirth in the new century: with an aesthetic reminiscent of the 1930s and a highly stylized geometric case. The case, 41x41mm of pure beauty, has a skeletonized back that reveals a limpid movement calibre FBN 229.01. Part of its name is given by the exclusive escape micro rotor that is visible through the skeleton: designed, made, and adjusted inside Laurent Ferrier’s workshops. A direct double impulse silicon escape in the balance maximises the mechanism’s energetic efficiency, and, to top it off, it is water resistant and can reach as much as 30m below the surface without a scratch.

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In contrast to the strong lines of the case, the dial is a haven of stylized, fine details. Beauteous Arabic numerals and elegant drop-shaped indexes give it an air of casual sophistication. There are two colour variations to choose from: the white, niveous one with a stainless-steel case and charcoal grey architectonic detail, or the second, a dark, opulent version that is as regal as the first one is elegant. In a 18k red gold case, the obscure version features an opalescent dial and contrasting indexes in matte white.

True style withstands the trials of time and keeps on finding new ways into the present. A pure design draped in the nostalgia of Art Deco joins Laurent Ferrier’s excellence to make a unique piece: time has turned on itself, and the Square micro-rotor retro is this century’s incarnation of an undying spirit of sophistication.

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