On the coast of Quintana Roo, between a turquoise sea and the Mayan jungle, you will come upon Chablé Hotels, a hotel complex that takes wellness to the next level. Its wonderful hotels offer each a unique experience while in close contact with the ancestral traditions of the Mayan people. It stays in balance with the jungle, the ocean, and the many natural marvels of the region, all while protecting the biodiversity and richness that surround the vast complex. The two main hotels, Chablé Maroma and Chablé Yucatán, welcome you and invite you to immerse yourself in a tropical paradise where man and nature live in perfect harmony.

Chablé Maroma focuses on providing a perfect escape from the stress of today’s world by creating a haven surrounded by the Mayan culture. Its 70 villas are made from local materials such as dark tropical woods and Galarza limestone, which were traditionally used in noble Mayan houses. The architectural design by Javier Fernández takes inspiration from the temples and palaces of the Mayan tradition, while the interiors are soberly decorated by Paulina Morán. And, while the villas are a delight to stay at, you will not want to step away from the incredible spa that will delight you with delicious herbal treatments straight from the Mayan tradition.

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Chablé Yucatán, located a few kilometers away from the Chixculub cenote, is the perfect stay for those who enjoy sports along with their relaxation trips. Its forty individual villas are built around a XIX century colonial hacienda, masterfully restored and made into the heart of the hotel. It offers sports activities such as yoga, pilates and tennis, as well as water sports, two well-equipped gyms and a magnificent golf course inspired by the local culture.

No matter which of the two you choose to stay at, each villa has its own private pool, hammocks, and open-air showers. Surrounded by jungle gardens and fitted with wall-sized windows, you will feel as if floating inside your very own oasis of comfort. Your experience will be accompanied by chef Jorge Vallejo’s culinary offer: everything in the menu is organic and varies according to the season, and most ingredients come from the hotel’s very own Mayan-style gardens. Finally, you will find the hotel’s jewel inside a cenote: daily yoga and meditation classes are held on an ample wooden deck on the water’s edge, surrounded by the treatment cabins that lift from the water on delicate pillars. And, after a morning of relaxation, you will be ready to enjoy the calm of the forest inside a green stone infinite pool just outside the dressing rooms.

In a privileged space between the jungle and the sea, Chablé Hotels coexist inside a region of incommensurable cultural and ecological richness. A place of balance and harmony, you will enjoy the very best of luxury while focusing on your wellness and discovering the secrets of one of the world’s most wondrous civilizations. Health, peace and adventure have all their home here: the experience at Chablé Hotels is like nothing else in the world.

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