The history of Hublot began in 1980, and the Swiss brand has quickly become a shining star in the world of haute horlogerie, all the models they have since released have become icons in the watchmaking community. Their first model, the “Art of Fusion”, which merged gold and natural rubber, became a staple of the brand and propelled the creation of more innovative watches such as the award-winning and internationally praised Big Bang collection in 2005. In 2020, after 15 years, the Big Bang line continues to expand and Hublot presents the new additions to the Big Bang family: the One Click 33 mm and the Integral Ceramic lines.


Under the statement “Two versions, fourteen possibilities”, the One Click edition of the Big Bang is an outstanding merge of materials and concepts. Utilizing happy colours to celebrate the advent of better times for the world, the straps in this edition are an example of Hublot’s customary use of natural rubber as well as calfskin on the pop version, in a wide variety of colours: pink, sky blue, red, royal blue, green, orange, electric blue, raspberry pink and terracotta oranges. The straps latch on and off the stainless steel or 18 karat King Gold body with ease thanks to the patented One Click system. The body has been redesigned to better clasp slimmer wrists, with the bezel set with 36 diamonds to elevate the balance of masculine and feminine energy. The inner workings feature the HUB1120 self-winding movement, the date at the three o’clock position and vibrates 28800 times per hour for 40 consecutive hours.


After the success of black ceramic, Hublot opted for a new, modern, and stylish, yet bold decision: the Integral Ceramic is entirely made from this hard yet light material, with three new colours: white, navy blue and grey, along the traditional black model. The monobloc architecture fuses the strap and the body, aiding the single-colour, single-material style by the House. Except for the bezel lugs and the rubber elements which identify any Hublot model, the entire exterior is made from ceramic, a material harder than steel, yet softer to the touch, difficult to harness, which only serves as proof of Hublot’s expertise. The alternation of satin and polish finishes, different bevelling and chamfering create a sense of depth and texture to the watch. The machinery behind this model is the Unico HUB1280 system, which incorporates four new technical innovations, all patented by Hublot, including an oscillating second’s clutch, chronograph friction system with ball-bearing adjustment, ratchet retaining system with unidirectional gears and index-assembly fine adjustment system.

Hublot’s choice for this year is unmatched personalization: immaculate white, classic navy blue, deep titanium, or all the colours of the rainbow? With an option for each different style, the choice is up to you.

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